Six Reasons Why You Should File Consumer Complaints

Last Updated at: Oct 30, 2020
Six reasons why you should file a consumer complaint
Deciding on a consumer complaint, NCDRC has recently asked LIC to pay a fine of Rs 2.5 lakhs to the father of a girl with special needs. The person in Maharashtra had taken Jeevan Aadhaar policy of LIC for his daughter suffering from  Down’s syndrome. The LIC had earlier refused to pay the assured amount to him even years after he made full payment of premiums.


The new Consumer Protection Act proposes a slew of measures and tightens the existing rules to further safeguard consumer rights. Consumers can cheer as the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 has recently replaced the three decade old Consumer Protection Act, 1986.


The “Consumer” is generally considered as the king of the market. But sometimes many organizations or companies tend to cheat the consumer by selling fake goods or services, which leads to the filing of complaints by the consumers.

For filing the consumer complaint the one who is filing the complaint should be a consumer. The consumer is important in the market and all activities in the market are carried around him. A consumer is an individual who obtains the goods or services for his personal use but not for manufacture or resale, for some consideration. In recent times, consumers have become more vigorous and strong by appealing their rights when they are cheated.

The basic rights which every consumer possess and are statutorily provided by the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 are –

1)   The right to be safeguarded against unfair trade practices.

2)   The right to be well-versed about the goods or services.

3)   The right to be guaranteed that the goods or services are of desired quality.

4)   The right to be heard in the case of breach of the right to consumerism.

5)   The right to seek redressal in cases of damage suffered.

6)   The right to consumer education.

If any of these basic rights of a consumer are violated then it is the responsibility of the consumer to file a consumer complaint. A consumer complaint will not only be the sole benefit of the consumer but also it will benefit society as a whole.

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Reasons to file consumer complaints

Unfair trade practices

Making the highest quantum of profit is the final goal of all the business. But making use of unfair means such as cheating the customers, marking the wrong price and other misconducts still continue in the market. The unfair trade practice is a comprehensive term and even involves the cases of negligence where municipal authorities were unsuccessful to give a warning sign while construction of the road was still on.

Also, a private contractor was held guilty of unfair trade practice for not covering a manhole which led to an accident. Therefore, if there is any kind of unfair trade practice involved in any transaction, the consumer has all the rights to file a consumer complaint before the applicable forum.

Food adulteration

Mixing the food with other substances to reduce the quality and increase the profit is also considered as the unfair consumer practice which is a crime under the Indian Penal Code. Mixing of the salt with sawdust or mixing ghee with “dalda” are some of the examples for the same.

Even adulteration of the medicine also comes under the domain of unfair consumer practices. Adulteration is a threat to consumerism and also threat to life. Therefore, consumers should always complain about the food adulteration.

Short weights and measures

A normal general store in most of the cases cheats the consumers by weighing products less than what actually should be weighed. The weighing scale will be showing one kg, but in actuality, the product will be weighing around 800 grams. These kinds of  malpractices are considered as serious threat to consumer interest.

Misleading information

In this generation of fast technology, everything is available online. One of the disadvantages of purchasing the goods online is they often try to mislead the consumers by providing false information. The domain of the consumer protection act is very wide that it covers online malpractices also.

Not keeping promises

If the company has given a promise then it should ensure that it will keep it. Some promises sound good but if they are not able to put up with the promise then it will lead to numerous complaints, distrust and switching to competitors companies.

Poor customer service

When the customer service representatives are untrained and have no idea how to talk to the customers properly, they keep the customers waiting for a long time and fail to resolve issues, then it is known as poor customer service. Sometimes representatives fail to solve simple issues and can’t answer simple questions. When they will be not able to get their issues solved consumer complaints will start pouring in.

So, these are some of the reasons as to when can a consumer file their complaint.