Shops & Establishment Registration in Bangalore

Last Updated at: January 07, 2020

Businesses in Bangalore must apply for a Shops & Establishments Registration, which is governed by the Karnataka Shops & Establishments Act, 1962. To apply, you must meet with the local Labour Inspector and submit the complete form along with supporting documents.

Documents Required

PAN Card of the Firm/Company
PAN Card of the Proprietor/Directors/Partners
ID Proof of Proprietor/Directors/Partners
Passport-sized photographs of Proprietor/Directors/Partners
Address Proof of Business (Rental Agreement, Sale Deed, Electricity Bill, Gas Bill)
NoC, in case of rented property
MoA and AoA & Incorporation Certificate, in case of Private Limited Company
LLP Agreement, in case of LLP
Partnership Agreement, in case of Partnership
Information required for filling up of Form A
Name of The Company
Postal Address
Telephone No
eMail Address
Details of Director/Managing Director/Proprietor
Details of Authorised Signatory
Nature of Business
Date of Commencement of Business
Number of Male and Female Employees
Weekly Holiday

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Renewals and Changes
The certificate of registration is required to be renewed once in 5 years. If the company has more than one office/branches each branch has to be registered separately. Each Company/branch has to be registered in different circles based on their locality.

This fee depends on the number of employees your business has. If you have up to nine, for example, the fee is just Rs. 500, while a business with over 1000 employees would pay Rs. 50,000 in fees.

Prohibited activities

The employment of children below 14 years is prohibited.

Young persons and woman shall not be employed during night, between 8 pm to 6 am for Bangalore and 9 pm to 6 am in other cities. Establishment requiring them to work between 8 pm to & 6 am for Bangalore and 9 pm to 6 am in other cities are required to obtain a special permission after fulfilling certain welfare measures such as providing security & transport facilities for employees engaged in Night shift, etc.

Rules & conditions to be followed

Business establishments in Bangalore should not open before 6.00 am and the closing hours cannot be after 8.00 pm. Business establishments in other cities were permitted to open till 9.00 pm. If any organisation requires working beyond the closing hours, a separate permission from Labour Officer is required to be obtained. Though this provision does not applies to certain establishments listed in s. 3 (2) of the Act i.e.:

(a) shops dealing mainly in medicines or medical or surgical requisites or appliances;
(b) clubs, residential hotels, boarding houses, hostels attached to schools or colleges, and establishments maintained in boarding schools in connection with the boarding and lodging of pupils and resident-masters;
(c) stalls and refreshment rooms at railway stations, bus stands, ports or aerodromes;
(d) shops of barbers and hairdressers;
(e) shops dealing mainly in meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy produce (except ghee), bread, confectionery, sweets, chocolates, ice, ice-cream, cooked food, fruits, flowers, vegetables or green fodder;
(f) shops dealing in articles required for funerals, burials or cremations;
(g) shops dealing in pan (betel leaf), pan with beedies or cigarettes, or liquid refreshments sold retail for consumption on the premises;
(h) shops dealing in newspapers or periodicals, editing sections of newspaper offices and offices of news agencies;
(i) cinemas, theatres and other places of public entertainment and stalls and refreshment rooms attached to such cinemas, theatres and places of public entertainment;
(j) establishments for the retail sale of petrol;
(k) shops in regimental institutes, garrison shops and troop canteens in cantonments;
(l) tanneries;
(m) retail trade carried on at an exhibition or show, if such retail trade is subsidiary or ancillary only to the main purpose of the exhibition or show;
(n) oil-mills and flour-mills not registered under the Factories Act, 1948;
(o) brick and lime kilns;
(p) commercial establishments engaged in the manufacture of bronze and brass utensils so far as it is confined to the process of melting in furnaces.
(q) Information Technology Establishments;
(r) Information Technology enabling services or establishments;
(s) Bio-Technology and Research Centres or establishments ofepidemic and other diseases.

The name board of every establishment shall be in Kannada. If any other language is used, it should be below the Kannada version.

Important registers to be maintained under the Rules
(a) Register of leave with wages in Form–F
(b) Visit book
(c) Appointment order in Form –Q
(d) Notice to be exhibited on weekly holidays in Form P
(e) Registration certificate to be exhibited in Form C