Reasons why Co-working space is good for startup

Last Updated at: Nov 04, 2019
Reasons why Coworking space is good for startup

Coworking is a business service provision where it involves individuals working independently or collaboratively in shared office spaces. A typical user of this coworking facility is self-employed ( who have their own startups), a telecommuter or a freelance worker. Some businesses also use this coworking space to provide their employees with equipment and services that cannot be otherwise offered.

Reasons Why Coworking is Good?

  1. Cost-effective
  2. Flexible
  3. Community

Coworking spaces are flexible in their pricing structure and commitment level and majority will be on rent basis. Coworking communities can also be formed but one should be careful in choosing coworkers as sharing coworking spaces can boost your confidence level and help you achieve your goals but at the same time, coworkers need to be like minded to help and cooperate with you to achieve your goals.

Major Benefits     

Improved Facilities

Be it a coffee shop or home office, challenges for professionals are available in plenty. For example, noise and interruption from customers will be of great distraction for employees. On the other hand, these incidents will be prevented in coworking spaces as they provide a healthy working environment with abundant power sockets, functional furniture, plenty of desk space and high-speed Wi-Fi connection, with coffee and snacks as refreshments.

  1. Flexible and Cost-effective

A traditional office on rent would require a long term financial commitment but coworking spaces can be used as and when we need, like on a day-to-day or month-to-month basis. There will be no advance which is of great benefit for startups as they can minimize their investment amounts as well. So, coworking is definitely a cheaper and effective option for start-ups.

  1. Develop Networks

Coworking spaces are used by a community of freelancers, entrepreneurs and small businesses so coming across a wide variety of people with diverse ideas would be of great benefit for startups. Coworking encourages inter-community relationships, for example, if a tech startup wants a write-up for a press release, coworking spaces will provide easy access to good writers which will save a lot of time and energy.

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  1. Advice Available

Coworking space is a perfect space to get advice on startups, as the experts will help you on logistics, point you in the right direction as they have different experiences dealing with things and come with advanced skill sets and therefore can help you quickly resolve tricky problems. Besides, knowledge growth in coworking spaces is much higher.

  1. Make Clients Happy

In many businesses, before the orders start coming in, clients will want to make a face to face interaction. So, meeting them in a coworking area will be more professional than in a coffee shop. Moreover, you can meet your clients in a coworking space for it will have full professional ambiance including conference rooms, meeting halls, cabins etc.

  1. Work-Life Balance

It provides individuals with tangible boundaries and does not involve a nine to five job and therefore will not include work pressure when work is performed in a group. Chances are you will be inspired seeing your coworkers and put your abilities to the best of use.

  1. Interdisciplinary Awareness

One of the hardest things in life is to learn what you do not know and the quickest ways to learn this is by interacting with different people from different backgrounds and cultures. Coworking spaces give you this opportunity in plenty.

  1. Community

When working in a traditional office, many a time you cannot see how companies impact the local community but a lot of coworking centers portray themselves as community hubs that help people drive local businesses and establish mutually beneficial relationships.

So are you thinking of being a part of a Coworking Space? Well, there is no denying that they have many benefits as seen above and will definitely create a positive environment for professionals like you, especially, startups.  Coworking spaces will also give you more connections, thereby building your networks which is most essential for any business to grow and function well.