Procedure For Society Registration In India

Last Updated at: May 16, 2020
Procedure For Society Registration In India
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The society registration is being done in a way as such to promote the development of science, art, technology and also charity. In India, society registration works on the principle of regulating and managing the registration and other aspects related to societies. This article majorly focuses on the procedures for registration of societies in India. There always have to be a mutual understanding among all the members of the society in order to maintain harmony among the society and to gain development. The Indian society in order to get registration has to follow some basic intricacies to withhold and get the registration.

The need for society registration

The society registration is needed to promote the fine arts, science, literature, or knowledge sharing for a purposeful matter or for charity. The registration can be done for certain kind of societies and is classified by the Society Act under section 20.

The society registration can be done for charitable reasons like maintenance of military orphans, orphanages, maintenance of libraries, galleries, museum for public, and political education.

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Steps for registration

The first major criteria for registration is the minimum number of people which has to be seven or it could be more than that. The Indian Societies Act make it easy for even companies or foreign nationals to form a society. The State government and its appropriate authorities deal with the registration of the societies.

  • Unique name: The Indian Societies act make it mandatory to have a unique name for registering the societies. It is also important that the name of the society decided should be accepted by all the members of society. The society name has to be unique in all sense and in any way makes an impression of any other society or the name is already taken by any other society it makes the other society (prior registration holder) to oppose the newer registration. The registration also cannot be done for the names which are prohibited by any other statutory provisions.
  • The next rules make it mandatory for the societies to have a memorandum of association. This also has another condition of making it mandatory for the societies to frame rules and regulations for the societies. The societies with their memorandum, rules and regulations have to be signed and attested by every registered member of the society witnessed by the oath commissioner, notary, first class magistrate.
  • The application form has to be attached with the cover letter requesting the registration of the society, duplicate of MOA, duplicate of rules and regulations, Address proof of the society, a few minutes of the meeting already held, affidavit from the president and the secretary of the society, an No objection certificate (NOC). These are the required form that has to be attached to the application form.
  • The documents that need to be attached to the society registration are PAN card of all the members of the society, the residence of proof which include Aadhar card, utility bill, driving licence, passport, bank statement. The memorandum of association (MOA) has to include the work and mission of the society, the details of the members and also the address of the society.
  • The articles of association include the rules and regulation which also includes auditors details, dissolution process, arbitration form, rules for being the members of the society, also the ways of removing a membership, general body details, subscription details, meeting details.

The required documents as mentioned above along with the properly filled form makes it possible for a    society to be registered. The registration also makes it easy for the legal procedures to be taken against or for society. The registration once filed will usually take one month for completion.