Pizza Hut franchise in India

Last Updated at: Aug 10, 2020
Pizza Hut franchise in India
Pizza Hut has started providing a contactless dining experience to its consumers during this pandemic period.  Their contactless dine-in estates provide a fully digital experience right from viewing the menu via QR codes placed on the table to make payments.


Do you wish to start your own business? Do you love making pizzas? Make people love eating your pizzas. But for that, you should begin with a pizza shop. Maybe, why not Pizza Hut? Get the Pizza Hut franchise and own a familiar and already well-marketed business in your native. We, at Vakilsearch, will help you in drafting your franchise agreement in a hassle-free approach. 

Who doesn’t love pizzas? The food that most young people crave for is Pizza. The essence of pizza slices tempts us to grab another bit. And another bit, and another! There are many different flavours in the delicious pizza as toppings, which includes fruits, vegetables, and different kinds of pepper as well. The cheese which rolls from the crust seduces our tongue. Get the Pizza Hut franchise will unquestionably bring in more profit and clearly, you can watch yourself grow.

Why Pizza Hut?

  • The most loved pizza brand in the world is our Pizza Hut.
  • There are almost 150,000+ U.S. team members, 6,300+ U.S. restaurants and 125+ U.S. franchisees.
  • It is one of the largest business in the world with a high amount of profits. 
  • Pizza Hut encompasses with the best quality, excellent flavours and top tasty pizzas are guaranteed.
  • Customer retention is higher.
  • An international brand provides quality marketing.
  • Pizza hut is a part of Yum! brands, Inc. (the leader of various food categories)
  • Customer satisfaction is always given the highest priority.
  • There is no hide and seek while making food.
  • Pizza hut had launched the loyalty program, and they are planning to hire the 14,000 delivery drivers by the end of 2020.
  • Longevity guaranteed.
  • Door delivery available.
  • After more than 58 years, it now the largest pizza company in the world.

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Digital world:

Pizza Hut had launched the first-ever pizza ordering app in the world.

We protect our customers and help them reach our services in every nook and corner of the globe. Our team members are equipped with innovative tools to operate efficiently. Through this, they have the perfect hold of the financial gradient and as well the order list for each customer with a unique customer ID. It helps to enhance the Pizza Hut experience with joy and delight.

Community – Pizza Hut franchise:

Welcome to the Pizza Hut family which consists of more than 1500+ franchisees around the globe who are always there to help you learn and grow.

Investment estimate:

Some of the sources state that the investment would include two crores to start a new Pizza Hut Franchisee in India. For accurate investment queries, you will need to directly talk or mail to the Pizza Hut management since this may also depend on the area it is going to be opened. In India, an amount of about Rs.14 Lakhs is assumed to be the cost for starting a Pizza Hut Franchise. There is a royalty fee which includes about 6.5% of the overall profit by Pizza Hut towards offering the Brand name and copyrighted products.

Area required: 

Typically, you will need an area minimum of 1000 to 1500 sq.ft. whereas you can still enlarge it as needed.


Where can you launch the franchise?

  • Airports 
  • Shopping malls
  • University & college campuses
  • Resorts
  • Entertainment sites
  • Residential areas 
  • Casinos 
  • Travel centres
  • Stadiums 
  • Business sites 
  • Healthcare facilities
    And more!

Get to know more details on the official Pizza Hut website. Fill the form if you plan to start your Pizza Hut franchise.

“Pizza hut is always looking for new franchisees ready to embrace our winning culture and commitment to superior restaurant-quality food.”

Vakilsearch experts will guide you in establishing your franchise business. Our lawyers will get your franchise agreement drafted. 


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