Online Trademark Registration for Business in India

Last Updated at: Sep 02, 2021
Online Trademark Registration for Business in India

What type of Trademark should you file? What type of Trademark is worth registering for?

The word or the word and logo together or the word in a specific font or slogan. What do you file with the Trademark office? – The answer is you can file any of these as mentioned above.

But the smartest way to file your first Trademark application is wordmark because word will secure your brand identity for any particular design or logo. If you feel a Trademark is difficult to register. For example, if you find similar Trademarks in your Trademark search then you can file a Trademark with a logo or applying for words in a particular format. There are many interesting things one has to take care of while applying for trademark registration.

This article covers everything about Trademark:

  1. What is a Trademark?
  2. How to apply for Trademark registration?
  3. Documents for Trademark Registration
  4. Trademark Class
  5. Trademark symbols

What is a Trademark?

Trademark is a kind of intellectual property that has a unique word, symbol, or combination of word and symbol. It helps others to distinguish and identify a brand or a business or its product. A registered Trademark can be legally protected under Indian laws and regulations.

Online Trademark registration

How to apply for Trademark registration online?

To apply for Trademark protection one has to apply with the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trademarks. This office functions under the Department of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The process of Trademark registration involves various steps and it can be done through both online and offline mode.

Trademark registration is not restricted to Indians, foreigners can also get a Trademark registered in India.

Here is a detailed Trademark application procedure:

Trademark search:

Trademark search is the very first step to begin registration. It helps to find identical or similar Trademarks under the same class. Based on the search result, one has to finalize a Trademark with a unique identity.

Next, while applying one needs to be very careful about the class selection. Out of 45 different classes from the Trademark Registry, you need to select a particular class or sector which you need to register.

Upon filing the Trademark application, the examiner would check all the details and approve the publishing in the Trademark journal. Any person or entity can oppose the registration of the particular Trademark. If there is no objection, the Trademark certificate of authorisation will be issued with a validity of 10 years.

If there is objection due to identical Trademarks, then the applicant needs to respond to the notice within 30 days.    In response to the notice, a hearing date will be announced for the applicant to produce the proof of use and submit all the arguments for the registration of the mark.

Documents and Details Required for Trademark Registration:

  1. Applicant’s name
  2. Business name & Objective
  3. Brand name or Slogan or Logo
  4. Registered Address
  5. Identity proof (Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Passport, Voter ID

Trademark Symbol:

Every registered Trademark is legally binding. Here are the common Trademark symbols which are allowed to be used after a Trademark is registered.

1. “TM” Symbol:
Upon registering for a Trademark and confirmation from the official portal, the “TM” symbol can be used. It also serves as a warning and protection against counter-fitters. But, this doesn’t give you complete protection. Others can use it if your applications get rejected.


2. R Symbol:

A person or an entity uses the symbol ‘R’ only after a successful registration. It signifies that the registered Trademark enjoys protection from infringement under the law.


3. C symbol:

The C symbol stands for contents that do not have any copyright issues. The symbol is mandatory in many countries for copyright claims.

How Vakilsearch helps in Trademark registration

Registering a Trademark is easy with Vakilsearch. You can register a Trademark in 3 simple steps –

  1. Trademark Search – We conduct a thorough search of the Trademark directory
  2. Discussion Class – We advice on the classes you need to apply under
  3. Regular Updates – You will receive updates until registration


The process of registering a Trademark is lengthy and a little heavy on the pocket, it is definitely worth the investment of legally protecting your brand.

Have any questions about Trademark registration? Please feel free to drop in a line in the comments below, and we’ll help you with expert suggestions.



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