How to obtain religion change certificate in India?

Last Updated at: May 14, 2020
How to obtain religion change certificate in India
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In 2019, Sneha Parthibaraja, a 35-year-old lawyer from Vellore became the first person in the country to win the legal right to not have any religion associated with her identity. She refused to enclose a religion certificate in all forms and started her legal battle from 2010, only to win the right of not using any such certificate in 2019.


Freedom of religion is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed by Article 15 and Article 25 of the Constitution of India. Every citizen of India has a right to promote and practice their religion peacefully, means citizen is free to adopt any religion as per his/her wish, belief, etc. An individual can change his/her religion due to marriage or divorce or self-belief. But the change should be in good faith as this is the fundamental right of any citizen of India

But the change of religion has to be notified so that one can change it in all-out legal documents etc. After changing the religion as per the customs, it needs to be notified in Government Gazette. Change of religion can be notified in the Gazette, but the change of caste cannot be notified in the Gazette.

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Documents required for change of Religion Change Certificate

1)   Identity Proof – Pan card or Driving License or Passport or Aadhar Card or Voter ID

2)   Address proof – Aadhar Card or Ration Card or Electricity Bill

3)   One Passport Size Photo

4)   Application Form – Duly signed application form with all details of the old and new religion, old name, present address, contact details and the reason for religion change.


1)   Marriage certificate ( If any for female after marriage )

2)   Affidavit (If any made after conversion etc.)

3)   Divorce papers (In case of divorce etc.)

Documents required for minors below 18 years (Mandatory)

1)   Identity proof – Aadhar card or school ID

2)   Address proof – Aadhar card or ration card

3)   Age proof – Birth certificate or bonafide

4)   One passport size photo

5)   Application form – duly signed by minor if possible and parents or guardians

Procedure for the name change in Gazette

The Gazette publication is mandatory and only if it is published in the Central Gazette the new change will be accepted in all the important government records. Once the Gazette application is filed and after it is found successful the religion change declaration will be published in the e-Gazette.

Get Religion Change Certificate

The first step is to create a Name Change Affidavit. It is a legal document that contains details like name, the new religion, old religion, and address. It must be made on stamp paper and notarized by a notary public.

Placing an advertisement in a newspaper

An ad has to be placed in a widely circulated regional or national newspaper, ensuring there is no public objection to the change. All the details like name, address, and age need to be given in the newspaper.

Gazette publication

Once the application is filed, it will be scrutinized by the authorities and finally, the declaration will be published.