New Service Update: Business Plan Preparation

business plan

Vakilsearch has tied up with industry veterans to deliver business plans to budding start-ups interested in approaching venture capitalists and angel investors for funding. A robust business plan is crucial to any first meeting with potential investors and business partners. And we believe that a good plan isn’t one that limits itself to the data, projections and backstory of the founders; instead, it tells the story of how a business will disrupt a market through innovation or operational improvements.

The professionals we’ve tied up with have collectively helped over 35 start-ups raise funding. They can now be part of your journey, too.

What is a Business Plan?

A business plan is a document that effectively communicates the business and its potential to those that matter. It could be an investor, a bank, a joint venture partner or even a high-profile techie you want to work for your company. It will contain the background of the founding team, the business model, a brief analysis of the market and estimates of financial performance. Such a plan should be formulated even if you’re not looking to raise funding, as the questions it brings up tends to provide a roadmap for the business. Most venture capitalists, private equity firms or banks will ask for a business plan before even giving a second meeting. Vakilsearch has roped in some well-known professionals to prepare business plans with a clear and concise message.

Advantages of a Business Plan

Convince Those Who Matter
The business plan is where start-ups showcase their potential for success in an easily understandable presentation that bank executives, private equity investors and others would all understand.

Equity Funding
If you’re a techie who is good at building products, but not so good at presenting information in a way that a businessman would understand, you will need a business plan to get your round of funding.

Build the Roadmap
Investors like to know that they are investing in a team that can think like visionaries. They want to know that you understand how to take a business plan forward, pivot if you need to and assess the competition. The business plan is where you make this clear.

A lawyer with 14 years' experience, Vikram has worked with several well-known corporate law firms before joining Vakilsearch.