What is the Name Change Procedure for Minors?

Last Updated at: Nov 23, 2020
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In October 2020, the Delhi High Court asked the CBSE to put in place a system for systems to change their names and other details  in class 10 and 12 educational certificates. The Court suggested the Board to provide a column or space in their forms to allow students to make whatever changes they need to make.


It is common that parents wish to change the name of their children for several reasons. The name change procedure varies slightly for a minor. The procedure listed below would be useful for parents when they change the name of their wards. It is, of course, a simple procedure.

The process of changing the name of the minor is almost the same as that of an adult individual in India. So, one doesn’t have run around for any additional paperwork. If your child’s name has been misspelt in a government document or you have decided to change his/ her name, here’s the procedure to do that.

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Name Change Procedure For Minors


The first thing is to zero in on a local notary, who will make an affidavit for the name change. The affidavit will state why you are seeking to change the name of the minor. It should also provide identification the minor, mother/ father/ guardian’s name, residential address and age of the child.

Publish in newspaper

You are then required to publish this in at least one local newspaper. Basically, you are publicly informing the change in the name of the minor. Do keep copies of the newspaper as you will be required to submit this in the gazette office.

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Gazette publication

Having done this, you will now have to publish the new/ revised name of the minor by taking out an advertisement in the official gazette. In order to do this, you will need to submit the following six documents:

– An undertaking duly signed by the parent or legal guardian. This letter should contain details of the minor, residential address and age. In case you are living abroad, you will have to submit duly attested declaration by the respective Indian embassy/ Indian high commission in original to the gazette office.
– Original newspaper copy where the change of name is published
-Prescribed proforma in duplicate duly typed with signature of applicant and two witnesses. The proforma should be computer typed and signed by the minor’s parent/ guardian with two witness. Along with duplicates, this document should be submitted along with soft copy (CD in MS word). Type the old name in place of signature.
– Two self attested passport size photographs of the minor and the parent/ guardian along with the minor’s photo id proof.
– A certificate duly signed by the applicant declaring therein that the contents of hard copy and soft copy are similar

Once these are submitted, then wait till the gazette office publishes it for the government record. After that, the minor’s name change will be legally complete.

It is important that you legally change the name of your children to avoid legal allegations in the future. See that you do not miss out any of the above steps so that you complete the name change procedure without any issues. Do not get cheated by untrusted agents who assure you to complete the name change formality.

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