How to Change a Name in Educational Certificates?

Last Updated at: May 10, 2021
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In January 2020, the Chandigarh district court has directed the CBSE to issue fresh certificates and mark sheets to effect the change of name by a student, which the CBSE was earlier refusing to do.

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News update: 

In January 2020, the Chandigarh district court has directed the CBSE to issue fresh certificates and marksheets to effect the change of name by a student. The CBSE was earlier refusing to do this but the court has observed that the plaintiff is entitled to change her name cannot be made to suffer because of changing the name.


2020 latest news on the name change:

In March 2020, the Delhi High Court allowed the plea of orphan students, seeking correction in their names. The Court directed the CBSE to delete the suffix ‘Udayan’ from their names in Grade-X and Grade-XII certificates.  The Court said the petitioners were entitled to reclaim their individuality and identity by including in their certificates, the name by which they wish to be known.

If you are someone who has changed their name or want to correct the misspelled name in your education certificates, this article will help you navigate with the procedure. Before you embark on the task of changing or correcting your name, it would be advisable ot check with your school or college about any specific formalities they follow.

Meanwhile, the procedure to change the name in school or college leaving certificate is more or less similar to the procedure of legally changing your name.

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Procedure for name change in educational certificates


Seek the help of a local notary to make an affidavit for name change. You will have to explain the reason why you want to change your name. For instance, in certain communities, a woman is given a new name post marriage and she may wish to change it legally, or someone may wish to change it because either it’s too long or difficult to pronounce.

Publish in newspaper

Next, you need to publish the change of name in at least two local newspaper. It’s recommended that you publish one in an English daily and one in a regional publication. This is to announce your new name publicly. Remember to keep copies of newspaper with you.

Gazette notification

Once it’s published, you should then get it notified in the official gazette of the state you reside in. This can be done by filling the deed changing name form from the gazette office. Don’t forget to take duplicate copies. Submit the copies to the office for publishing in the Government press for gazette notification.

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Now comes the part where your documents will be verified by the Department of Commerce and Transport secretary . For this, you will need to send

– A letter to the secretary stating that you want to change your name and request him/her to allow you to do that.
– The deed changing name form.
– At least 2 copies of local newspaper, which published your name.
– Attested copy of the affidavit.
– A copy of your present identity (PAN card, voter ID card, passport, etc).


After receiving approval from the secretary, you will have to submit it to the local gazette office. You will also have to pay a fee for the office to publish it in the newspaper.

Having changed your name officially, now you can approach the educational institution and inform them about the new name. It would be helpful to visit the college administration office personally. Once you submit the documents ascertaining the change of name, then it’s only a matter of time before it gets incorporated in your educational certificate.

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