Key things you should know about Freelancer Agreement

Last Updated at: Jan 13, 2021
Key things you should know about Freelancer Agreement

Too many new freelancers rush into signing contracts and starting their work with clients without taking a proper look at the agreement. While it might be tempting to skip the fine print, doing so might result in significant losses later on.

Most freelancers are excited about the opportunity at hand and just want to start working so they can start getting paid. However, not scrutinising the contract before signing it and starting your project can lead to potentially devastating results that have far-reaching consequences. To help you get a clear picture of what freelancing contracts are and how you should go about handling them, here’s a look at everything you need to know about such agreements.

Be specific

By having a freelance contract before you start you’re essentially making sure that all the parties involved know what they are getting into and this helps to clear out the chances of any grey area or scope for miscommunication later on. The best freelance contracts prevent misunderstanding by managing client expectations early on ensuring that both parties remain happy.

A freelance contract agreement solidifies conversations on expectations and payments and helps remove ambiguity and confusion. Such a contract also guarantees that your employer will not be able to claim they didn’t know about certain things later on in the relationship.

Gauge your Employer

It also helps you gauge how serious they are about the commitment because if they seem hesitant to sign it, then it probably means that the employer will lag on their payments as they are not very serious about this.


If you don’t get a contract signed, you stay unguarded against the risk of non-payment and also open yourself up to being taken advantage of by these employers. A freelance contract also stipulates timelines and additional costs for revisions and changes in requests, keeping you safe from a not-so-pleasant employer.

Clear Introductory Statement

A good introduction should effectively introduce the main parties to the agreement and must offer a concise overview of the clauses mentioned in the contract. The overview should describe the services you will be providing the client briefly as you will be getting to them extensively later on in the agreement. Also, mention a start date for the freelance contract as it gives a definitive tone to your relationship.

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Terms and Conditions

  1. This section lays out client and employee expectations concerning the timeframe of delivery and expected payment for the deliverables. Begin by establishing a level of payment mode of payment and timeline for paying the dues. This helps you avoid any potential disagreement later on if your client tries to pay a lesser amount once your work is complete.
  1. Next, mention the nature of the deliverables and by when you will be able to provide them with the same. Go into the details of the deliverables here to avoid conflict later on.
  2. Mention approximate word counts and due date for written pieces.
  1. Break the project into smaller goals if the project is a large one and work on it piece by piece.
  2. Also, mention how the work will be submitted, the format or resolution depending on the nature of the work to be sent.
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Certain clients ask for add-on services and an unreasonable number of revisions, increasing the scope of the project considerably over the course of the project. Specify the scope of your project early on to prevent such mishaps. By defining the scope, you are successfully able to establish a fixed endpoint for the contract. After completing the tasks mentioned in the scope of your project, you have technically done your part.


Spell out how you will manage requested changes, revisions and additions to the content you sent in. Though occasional requests for changes may be entertained multiple edits and revisions beyond your scope makes the process extremely cumbersome. Accommodate wishes that are sensible and economical.


The legal section protects in the off chance that the relationship turns sour. Consult a lawyer and make sure the contract is legally binding. Make sure you are careful about copyright laws so that you don’t run into trouble later on. This is also the right place to reinforce your payment clauses. A termination clause may also be added allowing either party to exit from the contract in case of dire circumstances.

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