Kerala Society Registration: A Step Towards Forming A Better Society

Last Updated at: Jan 07, 2020
Kerala Society Registration_ Procedure and Documents

With the Nation developing and growing each day, all the fields across all genres need to be given equal importance. However, this is an important initiative towards helping people escape the old-school thoughts of Engineering and Medical fields being of utmost priority. 

The best way out for the advancement and recognition of any field is by forming groups and societies that understand the skills and talents of the individuals so as to help them grow bigger and better and appreciate the things beyond the standards and definitions of the people around.

But before proceeding further, you might be wondering what exactly is a society and how does it help towards such initiatives?

What is Society?

A society is a group of individuals who work in a non-profitable manner so as to promote and support communal purposes. These societies must have a minimum of 7 individuals who work together for purposes including literature, fine arts, sports, culture, religion and other topics that are usually looked down on in case of growth and professional ways. However, such societies that work this way are eligible for registering themselves under the Society Registration Act.

Society Registration Act:

The Society Registration Act was implemented in India in the year 1860, for the advancement of various fields including literature, fine arts, culture, etc. and however, has been approved by various state governments.

There are certain steps and procedures that have been listed for the Society Registration.

Purpose of Society Registration:

The Kerala Society Registration, as per the definition the act is done for various charitable purposes related to political education. Here are the purposes for which the society registration takes place under the act:

  • Promoting fine arts.
  • Creating awareness about political education.
  • Maintenance or foundation of buildings of political and educational importance like public museums, libraries, galleries, etc.
  • Providing assistance for charity and collecting funds for military orphans.
  • Providing knowledge or awareness about education.
  • Promoting the fields of both science and literature.

How to Register a Society

The Kerala Society Registration can be done both in Offline and Online formats.

Offline Registration:

  • The applicant needs to go to Registrar with their application and the attached affidavit. 
  • You must file the form with all the mandatory details including the members of the society and others.
  • File the form, attach the necessary documents and submit the form in the office.
  • After the submission, you will be provided with an application ID that can be used for future reference.
  • Once you complete all the steps, the concerned Registrar processes the request for the Society Registration.

Online Registration:

The applicant can also fill the form on their own through the online Portal.

The steps for online filling are as follows:

  • Visit the official site of Egroops
  • Click on the “New Society Registration” option on the page.
  • Once the page opens, fill in all the details.
  • File and submit the registration. You will now get a password to your mail address.
  • After receiving the password and username, log in to the portal and the page will direct the applicant to the registration page.
  • After filling in all the details regarding the society and its members, the applicant has to upload the bye-law and memorandum. 
  • Once you upload the file completely, then you have completed the payment process. The registration fee for the Kerala Society is Rs. 1000.
  • Once the applicant completes all the steps, the applicant/society gets a registration number that must be kept for future references.

Memorandum of Association:

The MOA is a document that has to be attached while filling out the application of the Society Registration. However, all the officials should sign, according to the rules and regulations. Along with this, the MOA must mandatorily contain all the information regarding the members and society.

The following documents have to be included:

  • A cover letter requesting society registration.
  • The address proof of the registering society and NOC by the landlord.
  • The name, address as well the occupation of all the members, governors, board members, etc.
  • Along with all these, a duplicate copy of the MOA, as well as the Rules and Regulations of the Society, must be attached.

Documents Required:

The list of documents that must be presented along with the application are as follows:

  • PAN Card
  • MOA (Memorandum Of Association)
  • Articles of Association
  • Address Proof
  • List of members of Society
  • Self-declaration
  • Cover Letter
  • The proof of residence

As such, the registration for Kerala society is not a tough nut to crack, and the government also provides them with several benefits that include tax benefits, a legal status that is essential and helpful for bank accounts, and Income Tax benefits if the society satisfies all the requirements under the Income Tax Act.


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