Is RERA complaint Registration better than the Consumer Forum?

Last Updated at: Sep 30, 2020
Is RERA complaint Registration better than the Consumer Forum?
On 4th September, the Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA)  stated that Almost 75 per cent complaints lodged with it in the last 2 years are from the NCR districts, including Noida and Ghaziabad. The UP RERA said it has implemented e-courts since February 2020. All complaints filed under e-courts and old complaints are being heard via virtual conferences during the  COVID-19 pandemic. 


RERA Day: Over 51, 850 real estate projects registered Three years later, homebuyers say there is still lack of confidence about execution of RERA orders by realty firms and indiscriminate extension of project timelines by authorities is a matter of concern



RERA is an exceptional development that is appropriate for real estate businesses through the Consumer Protection Act as it manages any issue relating to the unfair trade practices or lack in services devoured by buyers. Consequently, RERA is a particular body implied for arbitrating land debates. This Act additionally makes realtor responsible for their job in the selling of land ventures and the bothered purchasers can likewise document an objection against them.

The National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC) engages a grievance esteemed more than Rs 1 crore. In the event that a purchaser needs to record a grumbling against a designer where the aggregate sum included is not as much as Rs 1 crore, they need to initially go to the area level power and afterwards, the state-level position to guarantee equity before they could approach the NCDRC. A year ago, be that as it may, the Supreme Court in a milestone decision said that purchasers can get together and structure gatherings to legitimately move the summit body. Homebuyers still required a land driven law for different reasons, as well.

After the establishment of Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, wronged purchasers can either approach the Real Estate Regulatory Authority or National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission for the recording of grumblings relating to land debates.

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Under RERA, examinations can be led on a protest by a purchaser yet NCDRC has no capacity to direct examinations.


There is a simplicity of documenting of objections with RERA rather than NCDRC on account of two reasons.

  • First and foremost,  you can record a complaint at the state level where your property is situated while in consumer forum you need to document the complaint contingent upon as far as possible. State commissions can engage grumblings just up to the furthest reaches of INR 1 crore. So on the off chance that in the event that the estimation of your property is more than INR 1 crore, at that point you should approach NCDRC. There are no financial cutoff points while recording a case under RERA.
  • Besides, an objection before NCDRC should be recorded on a plain paper with narrative proof and there is a predefined design for documenting a protest before RERA.
  • Singular people can likewise record complaints under RERA along with enrolled buyers and allottees can document complaints.
  • Under RERA, a builder who is found guilty can be detained for as long as three years. NCDRC doesn’t have any capacity to detain a manufacturer.
  • The benefit of recording a case under NCDRC is that after the decision from NCDRC the main court of bid is Supreme Court not like RERA, where after the request for land administrative position an intrigue can be documented to real estate power and after the concerned to the High Court of the state where the property is located and after that at the Supreme Court. This suggests the conclusion of requests is quicker under NCDRC when contrasted with RERA.
  • In cases where your flat or property has some of the other issues and imperfection, then you can approach NCDRC as this property has already been certified with completion of work so RERA doesn’t come into the picture.
  • Unless a customer documents an objection, the NCDRC can’t start an activity. It can likewise not run a test into an issue. The equivalent isn’t valid for the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).
  • Just an enlisted office or customer can record a protest with the NCDRC which isn’t the situation with the RERA.
  •  The NCDRC can just force a fine on a defaulting engineer; it can’t grant on him a correctional facility term. The RERA, then again, can slap a fine on a defaulting advertiser or force a prison time. It can likewise do both.

In spite of the fact that RERA has been authorized and it is set to impart straightforwardness and responsibility in the land part but time can choose the adequacy of contest goals system under RERA.


Beyond a shadow of a doubt. The forces of purchaser discussions may be restricted, be that as it may, let us not dismiss the way that the NCDRC doesn’t lose its pertinence for homebuyers through and through after the appearance of the RERA.

First off, the board has an extraordinary reputation to the extent suit achievement rate is concerned, a region where the RERA still can’t seem to demonstrate its certifications. Throughout the years, the board has changed laws to make them more buyers amicable.

As of late, the NCDRC made changes in the Consumer Protection Act to lend significant help to homebuyers. It decided that designers can’t compel purchasers to settle their questions through discretion by controlling them from moving toward buyer discussions. State land specialists can pursue this guide to accomplish a more noteworthy achievement.

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