Inter-caste marriage scheme in India

Last Updated at: Mar 06, 2020
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On March, 2020:

Thanks to the scheme by the Karnataka Govt. to promote inter-caste marriage by offering a monetary incentive to Scheduled Caste people, the number of such marriages has increased by 3 times, in the last 5 years. As per the scheme, the couple gets Rs 2.5 lakh if the husband is from the SC community, and Rs 3 lakh if the wife is an SC.

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Customarily, marriage in Hindu society was a ceremony however after the amendment of the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 it very well may be treated as an agreement. In any case, still, relational unions fundamentally occur on the customary grounds of Jatis (rank) and up-jati (sub-station). That implies marriage is inseparably connected to Jati Vyavastha (rank framework) with its underlying foundations in the religion. Social Justice Department of Government of Kerala, especially has acquainted Inter-caste Marriage Scheme with advance equity. Under the plan, the Kerala Government gives money related help to intercaste wedded couples. This plan isn’t relevant for couples saved under the booked position or planned clan. To profit these advantages, marriage endorsement should be submitted.

Objective of the scheme

As a way of encouraging social integration, the Indian government brought in the inter-caste marriage scheme called, Dr. Ambedkar Scheme. In order to empower the couples married in different castes, the government helps them financially during their initial phase. It is a supplementary scheme to help alleviate employment and poverty levels.

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Eligibility criteria

  • One of them among the couple has to be below the Scheduled Cast community and the other can be of a different community.
  • The marriage ought to be substantial according to the law and properly enlisted under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. It is essential to submit an affidavit of the marriage for the grant.
  • No repetitive grants are provided on second or consequent marriage.
  • On the chance when the couple is applying for this grant after 3 years, the application will not be considered
  • The proposal would be treated as substantial if submitted within a year of marriage
  • The combined annual salary of the recently wedded couple together, ought not to be more than Rs. 5 lakh.

Features of the Scheme

  • This scheme shall be under the Minister of Social Justice and Empowerment and Chairman of Dr. Ambedkar Foundation to endorse the grant to the Couple.
  • Submission or usage of false/fabricated data to the adequate in-charge would be prosecutable according to the law that is being enforced at the particular time.
  • Different grants additionally incorporate the monetary help done by the respective government towards the couple by giving a one-time money aid of Rs.30,000 to all qualified inter-caste married couples. While accepting the sum, the couples need to consent to an arrangement and submit to LSGI.
  • A grant under this plan can be utilized for the said purposes: to begin a business; for purchasing land; construction of a house

LSGI will make sure whether the assets are being used for the previously mentioned purposes.

Degree of incentive

  • The grant for a lawful caste marriage will be Rs.2.50 lakh per marriage. The qualified couples would get half of the grant as a DD in their joint name and the parity half following 5 years.
  • The Scheme would give a grant to 500 such relational unions in a single year. Physical focus for each state is settled in the extent to the rate offer of SC populace, according to Census 2011. The State-wise focus for the arrival of incentive under the Scheme is added as Annexure.
  • About Rs. 25,000/-, for every marriage, would be discharged to the District Authorities for giving it to the couple.

Required documents:

  • Ration card
  • Salary Certificate of the couples – Original should be submitted
  • Inter-caste marriage enlistment endorsement (Marriage authentication) (Certificate issued by Sub Registrar’s office, Panchayat President, a declaration issued from NSS or SND can be submitted.)
  • Caste endorsement of both spouses
  • Declaration wedded couple has been married for a recent year. (It tends to be received from Gazetted Officer, MLA, and MP of concern territory)
  • Identity roof, for example, Voter ID card and Aadhaar card Copy.
  • Applying for inter-caste marriage scheme