India fighting against Corona: Online grocery firms are gearing up to clear backlogs

Last Updated at: Dec 10, 2020
corona : Online grocery firms are gearing up to clear backlogs
As indicated by a recent study, the Online Retail Grocery market in India to make a fortune of around $3 billion in 2020 alone. With social distancing is the new normal, consumers are turning their focus towards online grocery shopping as a convenient and safe option. Initiatives like no contact delivery, online payment, etc. have lured people towards buying their monthly grocery from various online platforms like Big Basket, Grofers, Amazon during the pandemic period.


As India is diving into lockdown, the Government is making all possible efforts to ensure that the supply and delivery of essential items are not affected. The country is fighting hard to break the vicious cycle of the COVID-19 and is staying largely indoors. In such a test of time, e-commerce platforms delivering online groceries have a lot to do. No doubt, they are trying the best day they can to keep their supply chains afloat, but are facing a lot of hardships to deliver online grocery to the doorsteps of their customers under lockdown. 

The supply and delivery of essential items were kept out of the ambit of this 21-day long lockdown. Yet, online grocery retailers are complaining of supply chain hiccups over the past couple of days. In the initial days of the lockdown, instances were observed where many local authorities misinterpreted it as a total curfew. Delivery agents in many places were stopped by local police from commuting and regular supply of groceries got a hit. Amidst such restrictions on movement and intermittent police actions, online grocery giants like Amazon, Grofers and Big Basket have had no options but to cancel orders in certain cities. 

This is heavily affecting their customers who are already in a state of uncertainty over the availability of food items in the days to come. Many of them have received cancellation messages stating that delivery could not be completed due to restrictions on movement by local authorities.

However, with repeated communication, the Government is trying its best to clear all confusions related to this unprecedented lockdown. The online grocery companies are also discussing with local authorities to work out a solution. As a result, the ‘cloud cover’ of uncertainty over the delivery of essential services seems to be clearing out with every passing day. The online grocery retailers are gearing up again to ensure smoother deliveries and to fulfil orders like they always did in the past. Grofers has come up with a statement that it has sufficient stock of groceries and the company is focussing on clearing delivery backlogs as the situation gets better.

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There may still be delays once the deliveries resume, owing to the piling up of orders. But, the customers need not panic as the volume of cancellation is bound to come down drastically in the days to come.

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