ICEGATE: e-Commerce Portal of Central Bureau of Excise & Customs

Last Updated at: May 19, 2020
ICEGATE_ e-Commerce Portal of Central Bureau of Excise & Customs
The ambitious project of electronic data interchange (EDI) system of Indian Customs seems to be set for a quantum jump with cabinet committee on economic affairs approving the long standing proposal of the central board of excise and customs (CBEC) to consolidate their information technology infrastructure.


Trade and commerce are the building blocks of any economy, and hence having a smooth workflow in these sectors is essential. Advancements in science and technology have inspired our Government to move towards digital platforms, eliminating and reducing delays and paperwork. ICEGATE is one such initiative that aims to fasten customs processes. ICEGATE or, Indian Customs Electronic Commerce Gateway is the e-commerce portal used by the Central Board of Excise and Customs. It is essentially an electronic-filing platform for all licensed traders, carriers, importers, and exporters for operating in India. 

Here’s a look at everything you need to know regarding ICEGATE.


  1. What is ICEGATE?
  2. Benefits of ICEGATE registration
  3. Procedure for ICEGATE registration
  4. How to file documents for ICEGATE registration?
  5. How to upload the file?
  6. What is the RES Software?

What is ICEGATE?

ICEGATE serves as an e-commerce and electronic data exchange gateway for the Customs and Central Excise Department. The portal allows traders and cargo carriers to file the necessary documents, to speed up customs processes. It is an infrastructure project that helps facilitate the Excise department’s data transfer needs. ICEGATE allows the department to speed up filings of the Entry Bill and Shipping bill, which are important for import/export business. It also allows functions like e-payment, status tracking, online registrations and status verifications. All the submitted electronic documents are processed by the Indian Customs Electronic Data Interchange System (EDI). The ICES runs at over 134 locations and serves over 6.72 lakh exporters and importers and has tie-ups with over 15 EDI partners.

Benefits of ICEGATE registration

      • Serves as a 24/7 Help-desk for all queries related to the Central Excise department
      • Allows users to file import and export declarations online
      •  Enables the Customs Department to respond to Bills of Entry and Shipping when filed by exporters or importers.
      • Acts as a Certification of Authority for DSCs allocated by the Customs Department.
      • Makes the department more accountable and responsible.
      • Has led to faster processing times, fewer delays and lesses complaints from users.
      • Helps users meet regulatory compliances easily and seamlessly.
      • Helps in the smooth and secure flow and interchange of data.

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Procedure for ICEGATE registration

To file bills such as the Bill of Entry and Shipping Bill online, via e-filing, the user must be registered on ICEGATE. Here’s a look at how you can register yourself on the platform.

  1. First, access the ICEGATE website.
  2. Next, log on to the portal.
  3. Click User Login/Sign up on the homepage.
  4. Provide the necessary details.
  5. Fill up the registration form and click Submit.

After registering, the platform may be used for the transactions mentioned below.

  • Exporting
  • Consol Manifest
  • Importing
  • Import and Export General Manifest (IGM)

How to file documents for ICEGATE registration?

Documents may be filed on the ICEGATE platform in two ways: 


  1. Create the message required, be it, Bill of Entry or Shipping Bill
  2. The message must be created by making use of the Remote Electronic Data Interchange System 
  3. Send it via an e-mail attachment to the ICEGATE mailbox
  4. All replies to the above-mentioned email will be sent to the user’s registered email address.

How to upload the file?

  • Create the electronic message required using your Remote EDI System.
  • Log on to the ICEGATE platform using your registered ID and password.
  • Select the File Upload option.
  • Upload the created message onto the website. 
  • Supported formats are:
  1.  *.sb 
  2.  *.be 
  3.  *.igm 
  4.  *.egm  
  5.  *.cgm 
  6.  *.sgm 
  7.  *.tp 
  8.  *.csm 
  9.  *.rtn 
  10.  *.rpy 
  11.  *.rpl 
  • Once again, while it is not mandatory that the message must be sent via the registered email ID of the user, all further communication for the message sent will be done through the registered ID.

What is the RES Software?

RES or Remote Electronic Data Interchange System Software allows you to create files in formats which are compatible with the delivery system employed by the ICEGATE portal. The software was developed by the NIC and is a freeware software which may be downloaded from this link. However, there are several similar software which has been developed by private companies which do the same task. But it is advised that exporters and importers go for the RES software created by the NIC. This is so because the NIC’s RES helps users file the applications in the right formats, as the NIC, is a Government body which is aware of the formats used by the ICEGATE.

Over 24,000 users currently utilise ICEGATE to serve over 6.72 lakh importers and exporters. With time being of the essence in the twenty-first century, moves like this will help the government streamline their workflows, leading to higher efficiency and productivity. Such initiatives will help boost our overall economy, and in the long run, will help India prosper, and that is why being aware of such efforts is so important.