How to Register NGOs in India? Features, types & registration forms

Last Updated at: Dec 23, 2020
How to register NGOs in India
On 9th September, the Ministry of water resources took to Twitter to applaud the efforts of the NGO named “Paani Foundation”. This NGO, started by Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao, has been transforming regions of Maharashtra from drought to prosperity. It is doing a commendable job to make Maharashtra drought free.


Starting an NGO is a noble cause, but if you wish to start an NGO, then you need to follow certain protocols and parameters set by the government. In this article, we will be highlighting how you can register an NGO in India.

Ways to Register an NGO in India

If you are planning to start an NGO in India, then there are three ways via which you can register the NGO:

  • Trust Organization
  • Society Registration
  • Section-8 Company

Key features of NGOs in India

  • NGOs exist independent of the state.
  • NGOs are self-governed by managing body or committee or trustees.
  • It produces money for the benefit of others and not for the members.
  • NGOs are non-profit making organization.

Types of NGOs


A trust is registered when a property in the form of land or building is involved. Different states in India have different Trust Acts which govern the trust. In case a state doesn’t have the Trust Act, then the Indian Trust Act, 1882 is applicable.

To register a trust in India, you would be required to submit the following papers:

  • Valid Address Proof like electricity bill, water bill, etc.
  • ID proof like Aadhaar card, driving licence, passport
  • Voter ID

Once you have all the documents, submit the form along with the payment for the registration process. It takes around 8-10 working days for the online process as per The Indian Trust Act, 1882.

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As per Section 20 of the Society Registration Act 1860, one can register the following societies:

  • Charitable societies
  • Societies for promoting science, culture, fine arts, etc.
  • Society for the diffusion of political education
  • Military orphan fund
  • Society for maintenance of libraries

To form a society, you would need at least seven members, there is no limit to the number of members, but the bare minimum numbers is 7.

Following documents are required for the registration of society:

  • Name of the society
  • Address Proof
  • Identity Proof
  • Copies of MOA and By-laws of the society

For registration of a society, you need to submit the papers along with payment. Once the paperwork is done, it takes 8-10 days for drafting Memorandum of Association and By-laws of the society. After this, it takes 21-30 days for the completion of the registration process.

Section 8 Company

You can register a non-profit organization as a Section 8 company. The objective is to promote commerce, trade, charity, education, religion, social welfare, sports and research. In case the Company gains the profit, it is again put to use for the promotion of the work for which the company has been established.  To form an NGO under Section-8 Company, it must have at least 2 directors (for private limited Company) and three directors (public limited Company).

Following documents are required for a Section 8 company registration:

  • The name of the Company for approval
  • Address proof of the office that can be electricity or water bill or house tax receipt
  • Identity proof of all the directors that can be:
  • Driving License
  • Copy of Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Aadhaar card
  • The Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the Company
What are Pre-Requisites for registration of NGO as Section 8 Company?
  • Digital Signature or DSC of the proposed directors
  • Get the DIN or Director Identification Number for the proposed directors

NGO Registration Forms

Name of the Form


INC 1 Approval of Name
INC 8 Declaration
INC  9 Affidavit from each of the directors
INC 12 Application for Licence
INC 14 Declaration from CAs
INC 15 Declaration from every person who is applying
INC 16 License to incorporate Section 8
INC 22 Situation of Registered Office
DIR 2 Consent of proposed directors
DIR 3 Application to get DIN
DIR 12 Appointment of directors


Procedure for the Incorporation of a Section 8 Company

  • The first step is to get the DSC
  • Apply for DIN; you would be required to submit the following application for DIN:
  1. ID proof
  2. Address Proof
  • After the approval of DIR 3, ROC will assign DIN
  • Thereafter, you will be required to fill form INC 1 with the ROC. Here you would be required to apply for the company name. You can propose a total of 6 names.
  • Once you get the approval of the name, you need to file INC 12 and apply for the licence of Section 8 company
  • With INC 12, you need to attach MOA and AOA, a declaration as per the form INC 14 and INC 15, estimated income and expenditure for the next three years
  • After the approval of the form, a license under section 8 is issued in Form INC-16
  • Thereafter, you will be required to file SPICE 32 with ROC along with the following documents :
    1. Affidavit from all the directors
    2. Declaration of deposits
    3. KYC of the directors
    4. Form DIR-2 along with PAN card and address proof of all the directors
    5. Address proof of the office
    6. NOC if the premises are leased
    7. Draft MOA and AOA

After securitizing all the forms, ROC will approve the request and issues the CIN or Company Identification Number.

How to register an NGO in India?

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