How To Protect My App Name So That It Cannot Be Used By Any Other

Last Updated at: Jul 06, 2021
protect your app name
In June 2020, Hyundai (India) registered the trademark ‘Alcazar’ with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry. The registration was done under class 12 of trademark classifications in India. The goods and service classification for the trademark mentions it as an automobile of the SUV category. Therefore, it is expected to be the name for the upcoming 7-seater SUV to be launched by Hyundai in India soon.


The digital world is overwhelming. Moreover, with almost every other person having access to mobile phones, apps are the most convenient option to perform functions. Therefore, the mobile app industry has immense potential and is growing by leaps and bounds. And so are the demands for improved apps with high functionalities. Many developers are shifting towards app development. But, before you make the app public, it is essential to protect your app name if you don’t want a third person to steal all your credits.

So, are you wondering how to protect my app idea from being copied? What are the ways and procedures? Let us help you understand this easily.

  1. Ways to protect my app idea

    1. Selective information sharing

    2. Build trustworthy professional relationships

    3. Go for non-disclosure agreements

    4. Non-compete agreements

    5. App copyrights

    6. App trademark registration

    7. Patent application

  2. How to trademark your app name and how can I protect my app idea

Ways to protect my app idea

Wondering how to protect my app? Well, many people learn it the hard way but it isn’t always necessary. Here are some of the ways on how to protect my app idea:

Selective information sharing:

While knowing how to protect my app idea, the first thing is to not disclose your complete idea to everyone. Whether it be pitching to clients, technical details sharing with developers, and other points of contact, share only what is needed. Therefore, keep the excitement of the product alive in everyone.

Build trustworthy professional relationships:

You do not want anyone else to steal the credits. So, how do I protect my app idea from being copied? Build professional relations with trustworthy people. Even while outsourcing the work through a third party, make sure you sign the required documents and work with integrity.

Go for non-disclosure agreements:

This is currently the best way to protect the company’s data and ideas from being disclosed. To protect my app, you can contact the NDA for maintaining confidentiality. This protects your idea from being shared or reused by any other people.

 Non-compete agreements:

This agreement allows for saving all the trade secrets from the market competitors. This also inhibits the professionals working on your project to work on any other similar projects. While it is tough to find some solely dedicated to your work, it is a great method to protect my appliance.

App copyrights:

Are you wondering how copyright helps when talking about how I can protect my app idea? While copyright is the protection of intellectual property, it does not protect an idea. However, it protects your app if someone tries to steal it completely without any variation.

App trademark registration:

It is one of the most opted ways to protect my app, as it helps in the protection of names, signs, logos, and symbols of the brand. Many apps are identified by their logo and trademark eliminates the risk of the brand symbol being counterfeited. Additionally, potential legal protection is provided with app trademark registration.

Patent application:

Getting a patent to protect my appliance can be a lengthy process. However, it is one of the strongest forms of protection of intellectual property. The developers can use this protection of individual development and protection against any variations.

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How to trademark your app name and how can I protect my app idea?

If you are an individual, an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership), or a company, you are eligible to apply for trademark registration. Moreover, it is quite convenient to do, and the registration application can be filed in a few steps to project my app. Hence, follow these steps for trademark registration:

Choose a trademark:

Select the unique and distinctive logo, symbol, and app name that you want to register. Check the class of goods and services in which your company deals with and apply for trademark registration accordingly.

Search for marks:

After selecting the trademark, conduct research whether there is any other similar mark as this can lead to future confusion and issues. You can do this either by searching the online database or by getting legal services.

Filling application:

There are mainly two ways of applying for trademark registration. These include:

  • Trademark filing under ‘one’ class. Under this, the registered trademark is only for the chosen class. To do, the applicant has to file form TM 1.
  • The second is multiple classes and for a series of trademarks. Under this, the applicant has to fill form TM A. The cost bracket varies according to the class choice.


In brief, if you are wondering how to protect my app idea? Then, Vakilsearch is here to help and trademark registration is the easiest and convenient process for identity protection