How to Get Shop and Establishment Licence in Kerala

Last Updated at: Jul 06, 2021
How to get Shop & Establishment licence in Kerala
In April 2020, the Kerala Government announced that all members of the Kerala Shop and Establishment Welfare Fund will be given Rs 1,000 each as interim relief. People working in essential services, including hospitals, medical stores, medical laboratories, petrol pump, and gas agencies, will also be considered for the relief fund.


Here, we will tell you how to register a shop & establishment in Kerala!

You are about to start a business or have already initiated a venture. You have employed people to work and handle the operations. To run it legally, you need a shop & establishment license. And if you are Kerala, you need to bear in mind certain points, which we have discussed in this article.

Kerala has established its Shop and Establishment Act rules & regulations. Since the rules are crafted by the state government, the rules would certainly different from each state. Commercial establishments such as hotels, eateries, amusement parks, theatres, and other entertainment houses need to have this license. 

Given below is a comprehensive guide to the Shop and Establishment Act of Kerala.

  1. What is the Shop and Establishment Act?

  2. Who needs to register under the Shop and Establishment Act?

  3. Documents required for Shop and Establishment registration

  4. Procedure for registering under the Shop and Establishment Act

  5. Registration fees

  6. How to check the online status of the application

  7. How and when to renew the registration certificate?

  8. When is an establishment penalized?

  9. Rules to be followed under Shop and Establishment Act


What is the Shop and Establishment Act?

This act permits you to run a business in the state with defined terms & conditions. The act regulates the working hours, payments of staff, and work conditions. In addition to commercial establishments, the act also regulates the charitable trusts, educational institutions, and printing establishments. Let us see the definition of ‘Shop’ and ‘Commercial Establishments’

‘Shop’ means any premises where any trade or business is carried on or where services are rendered to customers, and includes offices, store-rooms, godowns or warehouses, whether in the same premises or otherwise, used in connection with such trade or business.

“Commercial establishment” means a shop, commercial establishment, residential hotel, restaurant, eating house, theatre, or other places of public amusement or entertainment to which this Act applies”.

Who needs to register under the Shop and Establishment Act?

If you are the starter of any commercial enterprise then you must file within one month of the establishment’s commencement under the Act. All shops and commercial establishments have to be licensed under this Act except those establishments licensed under the Factories Act. Any commercial establishments required to register under this act are stores, residential hotels, eating-houses, restaurants, theatres, places of public entertainment or entertainment, and other commercial establishments as specified by the Act.

Documents required for Shop and Establishment Registration in Kerala

It is very important to keep certain documents handy to start any registration process so that process becomes simple and hassle-free.

  • Details of Employer/Manager
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association/Trust deed/Partnership Deed
  • Lease Rent Agreement /Premises purchase Agreement
  • List of Directors/Managers/ Partners
  • Bank Account Number details
  • First Income Tax Assessment order/PAN
  • BMC declaration
  • Date of commencement of business

Apply for Shop & Establishment License

Procedure for registering under the Shop and Establishment Act, Kerala

Even though every state has a specific set of registration rules and regulations, the basic process remains the same. Registration for this Act can be done online and offline both.

Under the Act, the labour department must approve any company. The Chief Inspector of Shops and Establishment Act, or the inspectors assigned to the area where you operate the store, are the persons approved to provide the certificate of registration.

The procedure mentioned below needs to follow for registration:

  • Application in form B1
  • Original Copy of the Chalan receipt having remitted the prescribed fee at the nearest treasury of the office of the Asst. Labour Officer
  • Submit the form B1 and original Chalan receipt at the office of the Asst. Labour Officer having jurisdiction over the area within 60 days from the date of commencement of the establishment

Online Procedure:

  • Visit this site. Here click on the option online services.

  • The below window will open.

  • Click on the Online Registration link and a new window will open.

  • After going through the instructions click on the Proceed button and a new webpage opens up.

  • Click on Kerala Shops and Establishment Act 1960

  • After this, the online application form will open up. Now fill all the details and upload the scanned copies of the required documents.

Registration fees

You need to pay the registration fees according to the number of employees engaged in the organization and they are:

  • No. of workers Nil – 10
  • Up to 5 workers-  50
  • Above 5 and up to 10 workers-  50
  • Above 10 and up to 20 workers- 200
  • Over 20 and up to 30 workers- 300
  • Above 30 and up to 50 workers- 500
  • Over 50 and up to 100 workers- 1000
  • Above 100 workers- 2000

How to check the online status of the application

  • To check the status of your application form online visit 
  • Enter your application number and Captcha and click on the show button. This will give you the required details.

How and when to renew the registration certificate

Repeat the above process and apply it 30 days before the expiry of the registration certificate along with the existing Registration Certificate.

When is an establishment penalized?

It is compulsory that all organizations obtain a certificate of registration, obey the laws and regulations that the Act should protect. When the establishment owner refuses to obtain permission or obey the rules and regulations, then the establishment may be responsible for paying the fine, and the amount may differ from state to state.

Rules that one should follow under Shop and Establishment Act

  • No employee is required or permitted to work on any day for more than 8 hours and in any week 48 hours.
  • On one day of the week, each shop with or without a worker shall remain closed (exhibit a notice to that effect).
  • Holidays with wages for 12 days
  • Leave with wages for 12 days on the ground of sickness
  • No woman employee or persons below 17 years shall be employed before 6 am or after 7 pm.
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