How to Check Your Provident Fund Balance?

Last Updated at: May 28, 2020
How to check Your Provident Fund Balance
The EPFO has recently unveiled the special Coronavirus Withdrawal Scheme. As per this, you can file online for your PF withdrawal and your claims will be processed on priority (within 72 hours). According to the amended rules, a member can withdraw up to 75% of the credit balance in his account or 3 times his Basic and DA, whichever is lower.


The EPF is one of the best methods in India for building a nest egg for the future. A part of the salary is deducted and deposited into an EPF account every month. Therefore, a person might want to know the amount accumulated over the years. This article explains how to do so.

Employee Provident Fund (EPF)  serves as a tool to encourage the habit of saving in employees. Both employees and employers contribute towards the savings account, and this amount is made available at the time of retirement or as and when you leave your job for another one. Managing your EPF account has been made effortless thanks to changes made by the government. Accessing the balance available on the EPF accounts helps employees plan their expenses, apply for loans and also decide how to go about managing their financial responsibilities.

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How to check your PF balance?

Knowing what your balance with respect to your Provident Fund account has become easier than ever before with updates in the scheme making such information available online. Here are some swift and efficient ways to check your PF balance:

  1. Online method

Users now have the option of checking their EPF balance online by signing on to their account in the EPFO website.  Here’s how to do it:

  1. Check your salary slip and find your PF account number.
  2. Go to the EPFO website
  3. Choose the state where your account is registered
  4. Then select the registered office the account.
  5. To check the office wherein your account is registered; use this website.
  6. Go to Our Services >>For employees tab
  7. Click on Services and then choose Member passbook
  8. Input details regarding your PF number, account name and Mobile number
  9. Your PF balance will then be sent to you through an SMS to your registered mobile number.


  1. Missed Call method

This method works well for users who do not have access to the internet at all times. Such a technique is beneficial in rural areas where internet penetration has not reached to its full extent.  This is extremely easy and commonly preferred by many.

    1. Dial 011-2290-1406.
    2. Disconnect after a couple of rings.
    3. Your PF balance will be sent to you via text.

Get Online EPF Registration

  1. SMS

This method works only if you have already integrated your UAN number with your KYC details including your Aadhar and PAN details.

  1. Send an SMS to 7738299899.
  2. Send the message EPFOHO UAN ENG.
  3. Set a preferred language of communication.
  4. To choose English send EPFOHO UAN ENG- wherein ENG stands for English whereas for Marathi type and send EPFOHO UAN MAR
  5. Other languages options available are Hindi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Bengali.
  6. After doing so, you will then receive your balance and other details via SMS.


  1. EPFO app

This method requires the activation of the employees UAN number. This feature will also be available if you download the M-Sewa app of EPFO from Google Play Store.

  1. Click on Member and then Balance/Passbook
  2. Enter your UAN and registered mobile number.
  3. After verification, the system will then cross-check your details with the one supplied earlier. If the details match, the app will lead you to your account but if they don’t the app will display an error and prevent further transactions from taking place.
  4. The Umang app helps to bring together several government services like Aadhaar, gas booking NPS, and EPF. EPFO services are under Employee Centric Services option on the app.
  • Withdrawing from PF

There are multiple ways to withdraw money from your PF account, and while some require the intervention of your employer, other methods require only your presence. A couple of forms need to be filled out and filed to withdraw the amount required.

  • Through your employer

Submit the following forms:

  1. Form 19
  2. Form 10C
  3. Form 15G

UAN forms have to be filled when the employee does not want the employer intervening in the process of withdrawal. On the other hand, if you wish to withdraw the amount with assistance from your employer, you do not need the UAN form.

You only require the signature of an authorised signatory and a company stamp at the bottom of each page. Ensure that all the details mentioned in the form match with the details and documents provided earlier while registering yourself under the company. Any discrepancies will result in a delay in the withdrawal process and will lead to investigations to check the validity of the application.  Other documents necessary to complete the process are:

  1. Copy of the PAN Card
  2. Cancelled cheque or copy of bank statement or first page of the passbook
  3. The UAN Number is compulsory

Attach these documents to your form and submit to your employer who will then pass it on to the PF office handling your account.

  • Without your employer

Complete Form 11 and submit.  While this form has become mandatory to withdraw funds following January 2016, employees who have not contributed since cannot use this form and hence cannot withdraw funds without the help of their employer. Other forms required are:

  1. Form 19 (UAN)
  2. Form 10(C) (UAN)
  3. Form 15G
  4. Attach a cancelled cheque.
  5. The check must be signed and stamped by a bank manager.

Pre-requisites for completing the process

  1. Have a UAN number
  2. The UAN account must be activated.
  3. The database must contain details regarding your bank account number, PAN card and Aadhaar number
  4. KYC documents must be approved by the employer.
  5. Must be registered on the UAN portal.
  6. Information supplied to the UAN portal must be correct.

To conclude, the EPFO has made it extremely simple for an employee to take a quick look and check their PF balance. It can be done online through the official EPFO website. It can be done via an SMS or a missed call given to a dedicated number or through the EPFO app.

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