How to change your gender in India?

Last Updated at: Jan 06, 2021
How to change your gender in India
The Government has framed a draft of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Rules, 2020 under Section 22 of the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019. It says, if an individual’s present choice of gender does not match with one’s gender at birth, such an individual may correct the mismatch by changing the gender surgically.


To change the gender/sex on the passport, one must either visit the website of Passport Seva or one of their centers to procure Form 002 or ‘miscellaneous services’ form and fill it up. Those filling the form or downloading it from the website must select the option titled, ‘reissue of passport.



Firstly, when a person decides to change their gender they need to make a gender change affidavit. So, it is better to approach any LGBT friendly advocate or groups for the format in the city.

Some general details should be mentioned in the affidavit such as old name new name, father’s name, address and the reason for changing the gender. Now, this affidavit should be notarized by a notary public with a recent photo on it. It should be made sure that the photo is attached in the affidavit because it is required to update ID changes

Medical documents

Medical documents that are required

1)   GID (Gender Identity Disorder)/GD (Gender Dysphoria) letter

2)   HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) initiation letter

3)   Any kind of surgery documents that adds value to the whole scenario

Newspaper advertisement

The change should be advertised in one newspaper and one advertisement in the national newspaper and the other advertisement in the regional newspaper.

One should make sure that at least five copies of the newspaper are retained since this might be helpful in applying for different IDs.

Application for Aadhar card

One should visit their nearest Aadhar Enrolment Centre for updating their gender change details. It is better to visit the Government Enrolment Centre instead of a third party vendor. One should be honest with their explanations to the officer in charge about why they are willing to change details.

The name change can be generally done by submitting a copy of the affidavit, newspaper advertisement and by filling up the correction form available at the enrolment centre. Gender can be self-identified. Not many ask for medical proofs. But it is always better to carry the medical documents.

If in case, the affidavit is not sufficient, then a copy of gazette publication of name change or certificate of identity that has photo issued by the Gazetted Officer can also be provided.

Update Your Personal Details Legally

Central Gazette Publication

Gazette publication is required in changing the educational documents and bank account Details. If one wants to get these details changed then they should go ahead with this step. It is better to go for a Central Gazette Publication instead of State Gazette as it holds a higher legal value.

Documents required for gender change application

Required documents

1)   Newspaper advertisement in the required format

2)   Present Address Proof (Rental Agreement in case of a rented house)

3)   GID/GD Letter.

Application for PAN Card

One can apply for PAN online or at any PAN correction centres at nearest places.

Required documents

1)   Filled PAN Card Correction Form

2)   Affidavit

3)   Newspaper Advertisement or Gazette publication copy or Certificate of Identity that has photo issued by the Gazetted Officer

4)   Recent photograph

5)   Address Proof

Update of bank account details

Visit the home branch of the bank to get the bank account details changed.

Required documents

1)   Affidavit

2)   Newspaper publication copies

3)   Gazette Publication

4)   Any two ID cards with the new name (PAN Card or AADHAR Card or Voter ID)