How to Apply for Marriage Registration in Kerala

Last Updated at: Aug 25, 2022
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The provisions under Special Marriage Act (SMA) requiring parties to an intended marriage to publish their private details for public scrutiny 30 days prior to the marriage violates the right to privacy of the parties. This was said in a petition filed before the Supreme Court on August 31, 2020, by one Nandini Praveen, a law student from Kerala. It also said the requirement was also in violation of right to equality under Article 14 of the Constitution.

On 25th July, the Kerala government decided to stop publishing marriage notices online with immediate effect. Henceforth, the notices & application forms will be published only on the notice boards of the concerned sub-registrar offices.


Marriages are matches made in heaven but registered here on earth. If you are from Kerala and got married in the state, this blog will help you in your Marriage Registration in Kerela. Marriage laws and regulations are governed by the State Governments. Here, marriage is based on the three Acts: Hindu Marriage Act, Common Marriage Rules, and the Special Marriage Act.

  1. Purpose of the Marriage Registration
  2. Eligibility for applying of Marriage Registration under a special act
  3. Documents required to apply for Registration
  4. Procedure for Marriage registration
  5. Witnesses of Marriage Registration
  6. Fees of Marriage Registration
  7. Office locations and contacts

Purpose of the Marriage Registration

  • A certificate of marriage shall be a document that provides evidence that a married woman is married to the person with the marriage certificate’s name and photo. 
  • Further, a certificate of marriage is a document allowing a married woman to have social security and trust. 
  • A certificate of marriage is also important for women or husbands when applying for a visa or a passport. 
  • The marriage certificate also helps the wife of the insurer with no nomination after the death of the insurer to claim bank deposits or life insurance benefits related to it.

Eligibility for applying of Marriage Registration under Special Act

Individuals of any faith or religion can apply for marriage registration as per the Special Marriage Act. They can apply offline by visiting the office of the Registrar or can also apply online. After receiving the application, the Registrar displays the matter on the notice board (about the intention of the couple to get married) for a period of 30 days. Anyone wishing to object the said marriage can do so by approaching the Registrar with valid evidence. However, the parents or relatives of the intending couple would not be allowed to raise an objection to the marriage. 

The bride and groom must approve the following when applying for a marriage under this Act

  • Have no living spouse on the date mentioned in the document. 
  • It is not stupid or reckless
  • They were at least 20 years old on the day of the filing for marriage registration. 
  • Both are not to the degree of the partnership forbidden.

Register your marriage

Documents required to apply for Registration

The following documents are required to start the registration process for marriage. These documents are required for both online and offline processes.

  • Obtain the application form directly from the office.
  • Certified Copy of the Husband Age Certificate 
  • Certified copy of the certificate showing the woman’s age 
  • A copy of the certificate or a declaration in an MP or MLA or Gazetted Officer, or member of Local Self-Government Institution concerning the solemnization of marriages received by the auditorium, marriage center, or religious authorities concerned. 
  • The letter of a marriage proposal is optional. 
  • Form 2 which is certified to the Local Registrar or General Registrar in the event of a delayed application by a gazetted officer and elected representatives or any other proof of solemnizing marriage.
  • Aadhaar Card.
  • Address proof of current residing address which should be on Bride or Grooms Name (Proof of Address- Voter ID/ *Ration Card/ Passport, Driving License ).
  • 2 passport size photographs.
  • 2 Photos of Bride and Groom in marriage dress taken during marriage ritual which clearly shows they are taking part in the marriage ceremony.
  • Three witnesses to certify your marriage.

Procedure for Marriage registration

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  1. We collect all the necessary documents from you
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You can also register your marriage in the following way. 

  • Visit the website of Sevana. From the Documents menu, select the marriage registration option.

marriage registration in kerela

  • Click on the submit button, pick the local government, and state body. 
  • Now you can see the login pad. If you already have a registered account, the user and password will be able to access the website directly. 
  • Choose New Login for new registration. Fill in all the registration details. 
  • You will obtain the Form 1 data entry screen after the registration is complete. 
  • Enter all relevant fields such as- 

Details of contact 

Information on the local government 

Marriage Info 

Bride and Groom’s general knowledge 

Information of the Bride Parents 

Information of Groom’s Parents 

Details of witnesses

  • You have to upload the pictures of the groom and bride 
  • Moreover, Form I is for verification after successful submission. 
  • Further, Submit the form again for updating the corrections. 
  • Additionally, submit a hard copy to the local body- Print the form from which the relevant local authority which has a sign by all concerned. 
  • Further, the husband and the wife will apply to the local authority concerned for the marriage along with the appropriate fee. 
  • Moreover, Sign-on Form II – The official of a local body concerned must download the application from the internet, provide the inward and fee information, check the details of the furnished documents and, if necessary, make corrections. 
  • After the verification, the concerned official will issue Form III to husband and wife to sign on that.

Offline procedure

  • Visit the office of the Sub-registrar and receive a marriage registration form. 
  • Additionally, complete the relevant document from the office and must get sign by a couple correctly. 
  • Further, send the documents requested. Make sure your application is valid. 
  • Similarly, Please pay to complete the process, as advised. Further, the requests can handle internally. To complete the process, the applicant shall be notified of the SRO office. 
  • On that date, go to the Bureau and sign the registrar with witnesses as stated. 
  • Therefore, on the same day evening, the applicant will get the certificate.

Witnesses of Marriage Registration

It’s necessary to get a witness ‘s signature to register the marriage. 

There are also other requirements to become the marriage witness and they are: 

  • The witnesses should have been 21 years old. 
  • Further, anyone who has witnessed the wedding of the couple will be a witness to the marriage registration. 

Fees of Marriage Registration

For purposes of registration, a registration fee of Rs.100 shall have while presenting the memorandum. Also during registration, you can pay the Rs.20 marriage certificate fee – a total of Rs.120. Additionally, Registration fees are Rs.10 for SC or ST or BPL people. Moreover, you must apply in Form II with a fine of Rs.100 if you submit the application within 45 days of solemnization or a year of marriage. Further, if you apply after a one-year cycle, an Rs.250 charge must be charged along with the submission.

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