How to apply for birth certificate in Mumbai?

Last Updated at: Oct 08, 2020
birth certificate
It is important to register your child at the nearest municipal birth certificate office within 21 days, later apply for a birth certificate.


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Possessing a birth certificate in Mumbai is very important, as it is an essential document that are utilized for verification.It is utilized as a supporting document while applying for visa, passport or other such procedure. It acts as a legal document as a proof of real name and residence proof. It is important to register your child at the nearest municipal birth certificate office within 21 days, later apply for birth certificate.

Having a birth certificate is very important because it is an essential document that can be used during verification. It is used as the supporting document when you apply for passport, visa or any such procedure. It is a legal document that acts as a proof of your residence and your real name in the place where you born. It is important that before applying for birth certificate you register your child within 21 days to the nearest municipal birth certificate office. The birth certificate can be issued from the hospital or the municipal office.

Update Change in Birth Certificate

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Birth Certificate in Mumbai

The birth certificate in Mumbai can be applied for by visiting nearest office of Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai, which is also the birth certificate issuing authority in Mumbai.

1. You need to first register the name of child by filling the form that you can get from the office by paying Rs.5. The cost may be higher from time to time.

2. After getting registered, the birth certificate application form can be taken from hospital or from Municipal Corporation office.

3. All the details pertaining to name, place where child was born, mother’s and father’s name, hospital where the child was born and residence address. The birth certificate will have a stamp of the municipal officer if applied from such an authority or the doctor’s name and hospital stamp if applied through the hospital.

4. You need to wait for a few days after which you will be informed by the officer to collect the certificate.

Birth certificate in Mumbai is issued by Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai. First you need to register the child’s name by filling the application that is issued at the office. Once registered, the birth certificate form is taken from the hospital or Municipal Corporation office. It takes few days for the process and will be informed to collect the birth certificate.