How to add Challan on TRACES Website

Last Updated at: Sep 30, 2020
How to add challan on TRACES website
In order to curb the difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic,
The CBDT has announced that TDS applications will henceforth be disposed through e-mail. All such pending applications filed by the taxpayers on the TRACES Portal for F.Y.2019-20 for the lower/nil deduction/collection certificates will be addressed on priority. 


Adding of challans was a lengthy process in the past because we used the C9 online correction system. In a bid to fasten the entire procedure and clean up governmental red tape, the centre has decided to do away with this system and go for a more user-friendly and dependable correction system. The Income Tax Department has come up with a new method to transfer vouchers, create correction statements and add challans. This facility can be applied to statements from the financial year 2007-08 onwards. Bye-bye old time-consuming forms, Hello TRACES; the website which has been tasked with the duty of maintaining correction records. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about adding and correcting challans on the TRACES website.


    1. Free of cost: No longer we have to pay registration and correction charges or spend money on postal stamps. This online tool will allow you to make all the changes you need without having to incur any financial loss.
    2. Convenient: Going out to get forms, coming back home to fill them and then leaving again to deposit acknowledgement slips is a hassle we all have had to deal with. Well, the time is finally here, to bid goodbye to such age-old traditions. TRACES makes the entire process so convenient; you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home.
    3. Faster Response: Having to wait for the forms to be assessed and verified was always a deal-breaker when it comes to the old system. With TRACES, everything happens in real-time. This makes the entire process significantly faster and easier. The average processing time for requests has been brought down to a mere 24 hours, which is a phenomenal improvement.
    4. Easy to Use: The new system requires no specialised hardware or software and is the most user-friendly system. All it requires you to do is log into your account, find the file that needs changes, make the changes as you deem fit and that’s it. The entire process can take less than 10 minutes to accomplish and requires no additional skill.

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Adding Challan on TRACES

Here’s a look at how you can add a challan using the correction statement facility available on the TRACES website. The same process works for transferring vouchers as well.

  • Visit the TRACES website
  • Go to Defaults>>Request for Correction>>Online
  • This will redirect you to a page wherein you will receive a number or token.
  • Again go to Defaults and then opt for “Track Correction Request”
  • Choose either of the two statuses: Available or In progress status
  • Go to Correction Category and from the menu choose Add Challan
  • Go through the document and make the changes as required.
  • Once you are done, double-check and then Submit the file.
  • This generates a unique 15 digit code and emails it to your registered ID.
  • The process should take around 24 hours.
  • Once it is completed, you can download the corrected file which displays the new challan which you added.

Corrections Possible

  1. Adding new Challan
  2. Transfer of vouchers
  3. Creating correction statements
  4. Personal information correction
  5. Changes in Deductee information
  6. Correction of Challans

Statuses for Requests

  • Requested – Occurs as soon as you request for a correction
  • Initiated – The TDS CPC is going through and analysing your request
  • Available – The request has been validated, and the statement is now available for revision, meaning the user can now access it.
  • Failed – Request is not available due to a technical error and so the user must re-submit the application
  • In Progress- Indicates the user is making the required changes.
  • Submitted to Admin User – The correction statement has been submitted
  • Submitted to ITD – The Admin has transferred the correction statement to ITD for analysis and verification
  • Processed – Indicates that the report has been successfully processed
  • Rejected – The TDS CPC has rejected your submission, and the reason will be made clear in Remarks.

Things to Keep In Mind

  1. This process requires KYC validation.
  2. Ensure you are using the newest acknowledgement number.
  3. The original acknowledgement number is used only in the verification form.
  4. The screen for Digital Signature will appear only if the Signature has been uploaded while doing the KYC verification. If not found, re-register the signature to your profile.
  5. Amount of details must be entered with accuracy given to two decimal places.
  6. User must have a valid and verified PAN card.
  7. CD number is mandatory if challan occurs multiple times in the correction statement.
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