How Can I Start a Pickle Export Business?

Last Updated at: Jun 04, 2021
How can I start a pickle export business
Dr. Dhananjay Datar, CMD, Al Adil Trading Co. LLC has been named among the top ten Indian billionaires in the GCC region, by the world-renowned media house Arabian Business. His group’s Indian arm, Masala King Exports (India) Pvt. Ltd. is successfully operating from Mumbai and produces readymade flours, spices, pickles, jams, Namkeen, and instants.


Starting a business of your own can be a great move, but you must know what kind of business you must pick. Well, one of the things that you can consider is the import and export business like Pickle Export. One of the segments that one can consider is pickle export. It shares a great portion when it comes to export business. Pickle export from India is carried all over the world.

Some stats to look forward to

The total pickle export value is USD 31.45 million. India is exporting pickles in about 54 countries and territories. So, if someone wants to get pickles exported, various export platforms provide you with the complete guidelines. As we mentioned, India is exporting pickles to 54 countries with a value of 31.45 USD million, although from the top 5 exports, a total of 21.46 USD million export value is there. This export value is 68.24 % of the total export value.

As per India’s Foreign Trade Policy (FTP), it is mandatory for an exporter to obtain IEC (Importer Exporter Code). It is a 10-digit number issued by the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade). Para 2.05 of the FTP 2015-20 lays down the procedure to be followed while applying for IEC in India. 

When you do register for an IEC in India, you can get certain benefits mentioned below- 

  • The IEC registration opens opportunities for traders to venture into the global market.
  • IEC has lifetime validity. You do not need to renew it periodically.  
  • Return filing is not mandatory for IEC-registered traders. You do not even need to file your export/import transactions with the DGFT
  • You can avail different Government schemes such as export subsidy, Service Export from India Scheme (SEIS), Merchandise Export from India Scheme (MEIS)  and other schemes provided by the Department of  Customs and Export Promotion

What are the steps that are necessary to start the export business?

If you want to export your pickles, then you should follow the steps mentioned below –

  1. Register your company

First, you should get your company registered in the Indian official records (Ministry of Corporate Affairs). You can register through the Vakilsearch app. There is no professional fee. Only government fees and taxes are applicable. 

  1. You should get an export license

After registering your company, you should apply for the Export license to the Director-General Of Foreign Trade (DGFT). Everything that we want to export does not require an export license. The export license is only required for exporting goods that are mentioned in Schedule 2 of ITC (HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items. If you want to export Equipment, Materials, Organisms, Special chemicals, then you need an export license.

  1. Selecting the target market

Now that you have registered your company and your export license is also ready, you have to choose your target market. For choosing the target market, you can take the help of trusted B2B websites or companies.

Now by using a website, you can quickly know the names of top importing countries. For example, you can search for the top spices importing countries in India according to 2017.  As for pickles, you will get the names of top importers that are USA (29.8 USD), United Kingdom (21.6 USD), Germany (20.62 USD), Canada (12.66 USD), and many more. For better information, you can also drop down to the eight-digit HS code.

Get your Import-export code

  1. Finding a real and genuine trade counterpart

After all the above steps, if you get a fake buyer, then all your work may go in vain. So getting a buyer who is real, right, and genuine is the most important thing. But how will you know whether a specific buyer is actual or not? For getting these things right, various portals can help you.

For using their services, you only have to go to their website and enter the product in which you are interested. After this, you don’t have to do anything. These portals will provide you with the interested buyer’s list for the specific product.

Now, by doing so, the portal itself will help you to select the right choice. It will also provide you with the various details of the buyer, company, and many more. You will get details of the company like-  name of the company,  year of establishment, and type of business of the company. Not only this, but it also provides you with details like trade details and product details (like all the information about the products that the company is exporting and importing).

5. Arrange order

After doing all the above steps, you have to arrange all your export orders very nicely. Now with proper details, you have to fill the arrange order form, and then you should start exporting your products.

6. Executing an order

You can also take help from various companies that specialize in all processes, whether it is the packaging of the products or the shipping process, management, or making the formalities and getting the document work done.

Documents for Starting the Export Business of Pickle

For starting any business, you would need the right documentation as the preliminary step. Here are some of the documents that one needs to have:

  1. GST registration
  2. PAN card
  3. Forex enabled bank account
  4. Central Food Licence or FSSAI registration


  1. Can I start pickle export from India?

Yes, if one wishes to start pickle export from India, then they can do so after following the protocols set by the FSSAI and other regulatory bodies governing the same.

2. Is FSSAI registration necessary to start a pickle export business?

To start a pickle export business from India, the person needs to have an FSSAI license. 

3. What are the important markets for pickles?

The five major markets for Indian pickles are Russia, the USA, Belgium, Netherlands, and France.