Housing Society Committees: Elections, Permissions & Maintenance Charges

Last Updated at: Sep 07, 2020
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Amidst the Coronavirus scare, the Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has issued orders to all housing society committees, directing them to comply with social distancing rules. The TMC Commissioner said that the order was passed keeping in mind a few societies which were not cooperating with the civic body.

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Housing Society Committees- Elections, Permissions & Maintenance Charges
Elections for the cooperative housing association have been delayed indefinitely owing to Covid-19 outbreak. The actual deadline was 17th June 2020.


In view of the coronavirus outbreak in Mumbai, a local NGO has written a letter to Maharashtra Chief Minister, demanding that office-bearers of all housing societies in Mumbai be given the responsibility of monitoring the health of their members.


The elections for cooperative housing societies in Maharashtra with less than 250 members will not be held before April as the state government has yet to ratify amended laws.


The Housing Society usually has more problems due to the working style of the managing committee and the interaction between the members and the managing committee. The society initiated the housing committee to solve disputes between the members of a society or to maintain and regulate society. But in truth, the actual scenario is in such a way that the society is not functioning in a proper way to to the bitterness between the managing committee and the members. This is totally avoidable but it still in its place due to the lack of communication and regulated working style. The issues range from parking to maintenance.

  1. Election Issues

  2. Maintenance Issues

  3. Parking Space Issues

  4. Security Neglect Issues

  5. Illegal construction Issues

  6. Water Storage Issues

Election issues

The Housing society committee in India, almost every other society has a huge problem, power politics is what that can be described as what is going on. The societies generally have election rarely and in case of a person being selected as the secretary, it becomes a permanent post for him, he is not shaken by any election. The real issue is that society does not conduct any elections. The elected member usually makes as much as possible to stop a new election from happening. The actual scenario is that there is no one interested to even ask on what authority they are still in post after their expiry period.

The people generally intervene in society issues only when they are faced by personal grievances. The actual issue is that the housing society has to conduct an election every five years, if not then every member of the society have the inherent right to ask for the election. In case of refusal to initiate an election, the member has all right to initiate a formal complaint.

In the case of there being an actual issue with the member of the committee, it is advisable to complain to the management committee. If the issue is with the committee itself or the election process, then the fastest remedy a person can avail is through the initiation of a complaint to the deputy registrar.

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Maintenance issues

The next big thing that site housing society committee faces is the fixation of the maintenance charges and also the regular collection of the maintenance from the members. Most societies impose an exorbitant price as maintenance. Due to lack of knowledge, the members either pay or developer bitterness towards the committee. To solve this issue the society must follow the basic rules like transparency and communication. It must conduct regular meetings to fix the maintenance and to inform the amount spent on various matters.

Parking spaces issues

The next big issues that the housing society faces is with parking spaces, your husband numerous nuisance created by the committee against the members where the committee members do not allow the visitors of the members to park their vehicle inside the premises. It is also an issue wherein the members themselves are not allowed to park their vehicle inside the premises. This issue is having an easy fix solution wherein the aggrieved can file a complaint stating a lack of service. This can even go up to file a complaint against the builder if the builder has got an ISO certification.

Security neglect Issues

Many communities are careless about their security policies. This results in people being victims of robbery, damage, theft and even other serious crimes. The security system is often poor or the security officers are missing/neglectful, leading to the needless inconvenience of vendors and salesmen to the people. The society may have not updated or replaced the equipment except in the case of the company installing CCTV systems when it stops functioning. Furthermore, there are broken light bulbs, significant damage in the structure, broken pipes, open manholes, glass which seldom leads to accidents and damages in shared spaces such as the parking lot, community hall, playing area, gym, staircase, swimming pool, garden, etc.

Illegal Construction Issues

Many society face this issue. Many tend to occupy the common spaces in the vicinity turning them to a parking slot, garden etc. We can sometimes see a few illegal extensions in the construction, occupying extra dimensions that the society did not approve. This is a breach of the right of the neighbours and ridiculing the rules of society. The preferred solution to this problem is by letting the violating member know of this breach. Also, educate them on the rules and regulations of society. This must involve the managing committee. The committee must ensure that residents or builders immediately stop the encroaching of the common space.

Water shortage Issues

Even though many buildings and societies supply 24/7 water, there are few who have fixed hours of water supply. Either the municipality provider or the society decides on the availability of water. When there is a restricted water supply, the residents tend to fix their own water tanks to store water. However, the rule of the society approves only specific sized tanks to not allow hoarding.

There are instances where the society cuts off the water supply at times without informing the members priorly. This happens when the residents have overhead tanks and the society manages the water supply. There are also instances where the water supplied is unhygienic or there is water leakage due to poor maintenance. During these situations, the residents must remember that the societies are equipped with underground water storage facilities. If the society refuses to provide adequate water, the residents shall approach the municipal authorities or cooperate court to complain. They shall do the same when society provides an unequal distribution of water. The municipality will be prompt in fixing the leaking water pipes. Also, it will make sure that the residents get clean water.


The issues discussed here are just the tip of the iceberg. The real issues of the committee members behaving as dictators or rogue can be given a solution. The members can also give it through the appropriate forums like a police station, consumer courts, cooperative court, service tax. It is advisable to always reach the appropriate authority to obtain remedy for every issue under the housing society.

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