एक रेजिस्टरड ट्रेडमार्क का परिवर्तन

Last Updated at: Dec 23, 2020
एक रेजिस्टरड ट्रेडमार्क का परिवर्तन

If you make any changes in the trademark application form (Change) want it Trade Marks Act (Trade Marks Act) possible under the (possible) is. However, you must follow the fundamental principle before making improvements or changes to the registered trade mark . Change of application is possible until it changes the identity of the trademark .   

Trade Mark Act (Under) improvement in application for trademark or altering any registered (Shuffling)  is possible. However, a basic principle (Basic principle) should be followed | There should be no significant change in the identity of the trademark. 

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The Trade Trademark Act 1999 is section 59 , in which the necessary changes for the registered trademark are mentioned.

  1. One can apply to the Registrar in the prescribed manner to add or change the trademark to a degree that does not affect the identity . The registrar has the decision to change the same lie that may or may not agree to the change. The registrar may also be subject to change in limits which may be deemed fit.
  2. If changes to this request (for request is made) if the Registrar properly can choose to advertise the application if it happens registrar advertised objecting to the application (objection) can be determined for the third time picking (Stipulated time ) wait (wait) can. After hearing the parties involved, the registrar makes the final decision.

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Trademark of a certain order related application amendments pre-registration   (Specific order) is. The order is issued by the Trademark Registry. The order is as follows –

Any request (for Amendment Request ) that trademark ( Trademark Registration substantial changes (in the application) Substantial Change wants) will not allow it. Trademark proprietors specifications ( Specifications ) , the specification of goods / services , (current Existing excluding discount goods) changes in such details ( Change Of Details ) , Mark ( Mark ) any statement in relation to use ( Statement not allowed) Will be. Although a valid argument in terms of the assignment or transmission ( Valid Argument    ) Based on the request of the change in ownership of the trademark which contains an amendment to the address in the address of the applicant or service provider may be considered to include the removal of any thing in goods and services in the field of sales or can go.   

Basically (basically) Trade Marks Act any scope (changes in trademark request follows does not reduce) because some rules are mentioned (as follows as outlined has been) – 

  1. Amendments should not alter use |
  2. The date of use should be the same.
  3. Amendments proprietor details ( An Amendment request (for) Request that) it has not seen any changes |
  4. Goods and Services ( Goods And Services has given the details) should not change with the amendments therein.

If your request for amendment aforesaid ( Afore Said does not meet) rules we request (to recommend that you change request or not)) | And file an application for a new trademark. 

If your request for correction and Trade outlined under the Mark Act ( As Outlined ) Rules and Regulations ( Rules And Regulations does not meet) is better not to apply for a new trademark. Decisions regarding changes are with the registrar. It is up to the registrar whether they agree to the changes or not. 

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