GST Enrollment: Getting the Provisional ID & Completing the Enrollment Form

GST enrollment

With the portal for registration of GST going online and with the government keen on the shift over from service tax to GST by April 1, 2017, it is time to kickstart the GST registration process.

GST (Goods and Service Tax) will be active from April 2017 and all those who have registered themselves for service tax and central excise or any other state tax laws such as VAT, need to get their GST registrations underway. The migration process from the present tax systems has begun, and thus, it is essential to understand the salient features as well as the process for registration into GST. Let us look in detail at the process for registering for Goods and Service Tax.


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GST Enrollment Schedule

GST enrollment schedule

Getting the Provisional ID for GST

Obtaining Provisional ID and Password
The provisional ID and password for the GST registrations are directly obtained from your state’s VAT department. All existing taxpayers will be provided with a unique provisional ID and password by their tax officers. The ID and password are mandatory requirements for enrolling for GST and can be used to log into the GST portal created for this purpose.

Documents Required for Registration
Other than the provisional ID and password provided, ensure that you have the following documents/information with you, at the time of enrolling for GST.

i) A personal email id to receive confirmation as well as acknowledgement.
ii) Bank account number and IFSC code.
iii) Proof of business, such as a partnership deed (PDF or JPEG file of the same), registration certificate, and LLP Agreement, whichever applies. Keep the soft copy of the above-mentioned documents to upload easily onto the website.
iv) A photograph of partners, owner or Karta (in case of HUF) in a JPEG file with a size not exceeding 100KB.
v) A proof of appointment of authorized signatory, in either PDF or JPEG file, not exceeding 1MB.
vi) Bank account details (soft copy), with the image of bank account number, branch address as well as the address of the account holder (front page of the passbook, or bank statement). Again, ensure that the file size does not exceed more than 1MB.

Registration Process

Step 1: Username and Password
Go to the GST website and create a user ID and password. You need to use the provisional ID and password here to create the login credentials on the GST website.

GST website

Click the link to the GST site, and hit ‘New User Login’ as shown below. Click ‘I agree’ on the declaration form displayed and hit ‘Continue’ to register.

GST provisional

Step 2: Login
Once you agree to the declaration and hit ‘continue’, you will be taken to the ‘Login’ page. Use the ‘Provisional ID’ provided by the tax department through mail, SMS or through any other communication, to Login.

If the ‘Captcha’ image is not clear, reload it, and enter it in the box provided before pressing ‘Login’ tab.

GST enrollment

Step 3: Verification of credentials
As soon as you login with the ID provided, a provisional ID verification page will be displayed. Here, you need to fill in the details required for the registration, including:

1. Valid email ID
2. valid mobile number

Since important information and One Time Password will be sent to this ID and number, ensure that you have filled the correct details before clicking on ‘Continue’.

The OTP will be sent to your email ID and mobile number, and both will be required for verification.

Also, remember that the email ID and mobile number entered by you will be permanent, and will register in the records for any future correspondence.

Any change in both email ID and mobile number can be done only after April 1, 2017, as specified in the GST ACT.

Step 4: Five Questions
With the OTP verified, you will get the page with new credentials. There are options to fill in the personal details on the page to secure login. Change the password to secure your login.

Once you set the password, you will be taken through a series of security questions. Answer them, and click ‘Submit’.

There are five questions on this page, and think carefully before answering. It is mandatory to fill in the answers for all the five questions.

Step 6: Enrollment Application
Once you log into the account, after securing the credentials, you will be taken to the ‘Welcome Page’ of your account.
Your Dashboard will have ‘Provisional ID Enrollment’. Click on that to get the Enrollment application.

Step 7: Complete the Form

The page displayed once clicking on the ‘Provisional ID Enrollment’ on your dashboard will contain eight slabs, indicating:

I. Business details
II. Promoters or partners
III. Authorized signatory
IV. Principal place of business
V. Additional place of business
VI. Goods and services
VII. Bank accounts
VIII. Verification

Since the enrolment requires your business details, the first tab, it will be selected as the default. Fill in all the details asked for to complete the form.

Step 8: 8 Tabs

The business details to be included are as given:
Apart from the blank form to be filled, certain details are autopopulated in the application from the data available through VAT system. Details such as:
a.Legal name of business as per PAN and Current Tax Act
b.PAN number of businesses
c.State under which the business is registered
d.Ward or circle or sector

The above-mentioned details cannot be changed. However, some details can be edited. These are as follows:
1. Trade name
2. Constitution of business
3. Registration number
4. Date of registration of business
5. Document upload section.

Once you fill in the details and edit any if required, save the form, and click ‘Continue’.

Step 9: Owners’ Details
The next page of enrolment would be the details of the promoters or partners of the business. Enter the requisite details demanded, hit save and continue.

In case your business (or the names entered in the partners or promoters section) consists of an authorized signatory, you need to select the ‘Authorised signatory’ tab to fill in the details.

Step 10: Place of Business
On the ‘Principal Place of Business’, enter the relevant details, and click ‘Continue’. Do not forget to click ‘Save’ to ensure you have a hassle-free process.

Step 11: Goods and Services
Under the goods and services tab, you need to enter the ‘HSN’ code of the goods handled under your business. If you do not know the code, simply enter the name of the goods under ‘Search HSN code’ to obtain the same. Hit Save and continue.

The same applies for services, too. Enter the SAC code of the services provided, or search for it, to obtain the same, and ‘Continue’ to the next step of the enrollment form.

Step 12: Bank Details
Under this tab, you need to enter details of the Bank account, type of bank account and IFSC code. The supporting documents for the same (soft copy of passbook or statements) need to be uploaded.

Step 13: Verification
Once you have submitted all details, you will be asked to verify the same and sign it with the DSC (digital signature certificate).

Submit the form, with DSC, after verification. The ‘Successful Submission’ message will be displayed on screen. You will receive an acknowledgement within 15 minutes of submission. An ARN or application receipt number will be sent in the mail for further queries regarding the enrollment form.

A lawyer with 14 years' experience, Vikram has worked with several well-known corporate law firms before joining Vakilsearch.


  1. I tried enrolling for gst. For getting provisional code, I was following the given procedure but accidentally I clicked on “NO” option for the IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION question “PLEASE CLICK TO ACCESS GST PROVISION ID CREDENTIALS”. Since then on every login, I am not able to get that communication message.Hence I cant enroll for gst. What to do??

  2. Dear Sir,
    How do i get the Provisional ID and password.
    (1)what does the Entity No. of the same PAN Holder in a state mean ?
    (2)what does the Alphabet “Z” by default mean ?
    (3)what does the Check sum Digit mean ?
    kindly explain /give tips for the above

    • go to the mvat webside then login wit ur tin and pass. after that go to the first option enrollment id.. then click on click to return filling then after u will see gst option on upper side click on it then after that u will see the provisional id click on it then put firm and all details in upper side and ur accountant details in stp info.. verify mobile by sending otp and after all u will get acknowledgment wid provisional id and password

  3. Dear Sir,
    Please update your article.
    Provisional ID and Password are to be obtained from respective VAT Department of State in which you wish to register for GST. Income Tax Department has nothing to do with this.

    Thank you.

  4. I have been trying to fill in the application form, all the details under all tabs have been filled but when I got to the verification tab and click submit with dsc it takes me to good and service tab, although I have filled in the goods I trade in, kindly help

  5. We have done all registration formalities now it shows in dash status as Application for Enrolment of Existing Taxpayer Provisional
    what is this is mean by since ARN no.not received through mail

  6. I have been trying to fill in the application form, all the details under all tabs have been filled but when I got to Last step submit with e signer it shows gray colour or option is inactive how can i do without dsc bsc i don’t hav dsc Kindly Help.

  7. How can i get provisional id on (maharashtra) on as i have not yet registered for provisional id as of now and due date is gone what can i do to get provisional id as there is option for gst enrollment but thats moving towards e return kindly, Help.

  8. Dear sir,

    I received the provisional ID & password but am not able to log in when try to log in it shows that invalid provisional ID pls help in this.


  10. Sir, we have received Provisional ID and Password on our old PAN based, we got converted from Firm to LLP in May’16, though we have updated our Statute registration, we have received on our OLD PAN based provisional ID and password in the state of karnataka, when we approach to the commercial tax department, they are saying, we can go ahead with the same and make it correct later date.

    Please advise it is possibile later point of time?

  11. While signing using digital signature it ends up as “validation error” after 15 minutes of submission.
    Pls guide me with suitable solution.

  12. Once you have received your ARN, kindly login to the and check if your status has been changed to “Migrated”. If the status of Your Provisional ID has been changed from “Provisional” to “Migrated”.
    Then kindly wait . Status of Provisional ID will be changed to “Active” on the date on which Goods and Services Tax Act, 2016 will come into force.

  13. Hi Sir,
    I have created wrong user id and password and filed wrong secrete question.
    i have change the password but i m not able to change secrete question and user id how can i do.

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  15. Hello sir, i have shop act on the name of firm but not having VAT or Service Tax registration.
    I have current account also. Now i want to register for GST. What to do now?

  16. whether liquor and petrol pump compulsory to get provision id and password under the gst act. please give me suggestion.

  17. hi sir, i have one doubt. i am upload all doucments, finally one error, aadhar card otp sms will receive i enter the otp number, next 15mins mismatch pan card error will back.. plz help me sir.

  18. Sir,
    Our firm hav 2 PAN CARD 1(In Firm Name 2,in Proprietor name) but while we register in Gst we put Pan no of (Firm) actually Its Proprietorship so any way to solve ma problem

  19. hello sir /MADAM

    but due g force my the C.t. Dept chennai he has approched the department and obtained password.But they have wrongly uploaded .json. when he open the file his name pan are comes correctly But dealer name and other details not related to his company. He has made many number visit and compliant to and gst help disk in chennai office . No one has proplery guide him for the past 28 days and they directing him to go and help disk. Even though mail to sent to still no rely has come and his registration is incomplete shape. th erase the json or entire entry and allowed fresh entry and complete the registration
    Harene Natarajan

  20. hello sir,
    I have submitted the form of GST for HUF BUt there is getting Some validation erroe while verification regarding pan no. so i have doubt that at 2nd tab they are asking for details of karta and in next there personal detail so what detail should i put at DOB and Pan no. in this two different tab

  21. Dear Sir,

    We are AV Service providing as well as Paint Retailer Business. therefore We have taken TIN No. and Service Tax No.
    We have applied Provisional GST No. against VAT/TIN No.
    can Now once again require apply for provisional GST no. against Service tax No.???

  22. I have fill the application form after submitting I am not able to see the status , every time ” Assess Denied” appears and it automatically logout.

    please help

  23. dear sir as i clicked yes for gst enrolment provisional id and password are cuming in blank and as i dnt have that m not able to work ahaid kindly let us know what to do

  24. I have filled the entire form and when it goes to verification and submit with Esignature and also aadhar card number is mention in previous form that i filled .

    then also it does get submitted it comes to same verification page again and again .
    please help what to do now ?