FSSAI License Number: How to check FSSAI License Number online?

Last Updated at: Jul 06, 2021
FSSAI License Number: How to check FSSAI License Number online?

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Indian government established the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India as sole cooperation of food in India. The FSSAI supervisors and ensures all the food license regulations are being followed by the business owners. By granting the food license, the authoritative body is ensuring that public hygiene and health is not being compromised. 

Benefits of FSSAI:

There are various benefits of a food license. The business operators are benefited with more brand awareness and food quality assurance for the customers. The registered food businesses are favoured by the banks and other external funding agencies over the other unregistered food businesses. Also, by having a registered food business, the business owners can avoid paying any penalties

Similarly, by issuing food licenses the government is ensuring that only quality food is being sold and the public health is hence safeguarded. 

Types of Food License:

FSSAI issues three types of food license to the food business operators (FBOs):

  1. Central License by FSSAI: FSSAI issues this food license to businesses like big-scale manufacturers, exporters, importers etc. The central government issues the food license to those businesses that are operating in more than one state. This license is valid from 1 to 5 years.
  2. State License by FSSAI – FSSAI issues this food license to those businesses like retailers, traders etc. The business needs to have an annual turnover of more than 12 lakhs. The state government grants the license to the FBOs who operate only in one state. Similar to the central license, the state license is also valid from 1 to 5 years. 
  3. Basic Registration by FSSAI – FSSAI issues this food license to those businesses such as SMEs, retailers etc. The State Government grants the license to businesses that have an annual turnover of less than Rs.12 lakhs. The basic registration is also valid from 1 to 5 years. 

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) food license is a boon to all the stakeholders of the food industry. If you have a registered food business, you should know how to check FSSAI licenses online easily. But before that, let us understand what is an FSSAI food license and how you can check the FSSAI License Number online with just a few simple steps.

What is an FSSAI License Number?

The government provides FSSAI License Number to the registered food Business Operator (FBO). The FSSAI food number consists of 14 digits where each digit has an explanation. The FSSAI Number provides all the records of the Authority of the Licensee. Moreover, you can search for your FSSAI Number online.

FSSAI License number format:

For instance, let’s consider the below alphabets to be the 14-digit FSSAI license number.


  • A – Indicates if the business is registered or not
  • B & C – Indicates the state code
  • D & E – Indicates the year of manufacturing the product
  • E, G & H – Indicates the quantity of enrolling master
  • I to N – Indicates maker’s license number

How to check FSSAI License Number?

Step 1: Click the FSSAI’s official government website.
Step 2: It will take you to the FSSAI License Number page. Now type your 14 digit FSSAI Number and click the ‘Submit’ button. An ‘Invalid License Number’ will pop up, if you type a wrong License Number.
Step 3: Now, the page will take you to your license profile which consists of License/Registration Number, expiry date, kind of business, products, status, company name and premises address.

Hence, this is how you have to check for your FSSAI License status online in the Food Safety Connect Website. 

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The guidelines:

      • The Food Business Operator should print their 14-digit FSSAI Number on the packed food products with the logo of FSSAI. Make sure that it doesn’t merge with the background colour. The shade and font of the logo should be visible for the consumers. The FBO should also be aware of the logo’s colour ratio, alphabet, numerals and letters since it is endorsed in Food Safety and Standard Regulation, 2011.
      • When the importers import their products, they should possess a valid FSSAI License Number for the product besides the name and the address of the importer.
      • Showing the FSSAI logo also the license number on the food products showcases that the Food business operator has an authentic license which is issued by the Food Safety and Standard Act.
      • The business administrator should display the FSSAI license and the logo on the products until it expires. The FBO must renew the permit once it expires by giving the renewal fees.

Food Safety Connect:

Food Safety Connect is a CONSUMER CENTRIC APP that offers a centralized platform to Indian consumers to raise concerns and suggestions related to food safety and hygiene. The consumers can also report any food safety malpractices using the mobile app. Besides, they can use images as well to support their point. Furthermore, this portal empowers a consumer to share their concerns, know their rights, track Food Business Operators license/registration certificate authenticity and view related articles/videos on food safety.

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