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Last Updated at: Feb 18, 2021
Form 33

Buying a vehicle is a big dream that millions of Indians have, and it is one that takes a lot of research and planning. However, the ever-changing nature of life makes it necessary to relocate an automobile in some instances. The Indian government is aware of such migratory needs and therefore allows vehicle owners to charge their vehicle’s registered address. RTO Form No 33 serves as the application form that enables individuals to perform an address change for their vehicle’s registration certificate. Form 33 is an integral document that enables Indians to relocate their automobile as they shift from one place to another. In this article, we will take a look at how to file Form 33 with the RTO, and why it is essential.

  1. What is the RTO Form No 33
  2. How to fill RTO Form No 33
  3. Documents Required to File Form 33 with the RTO
  4. What to consider before filing Form 33 for the RTO
  5. Form 33 Download Format
  6. Common RTO Forms Used in India

What is the RTO Form No 33

In case you are planning to relocate to a new location within the state of vehicle registration, you can apply for the same via Form 33. Form 33 download may be done via your state’s official road transport website, and filing it with the RTO will help you relocate quickly and efficiently. The form enables you to intimate the RTO regarding the change of address. On receiving Form 33, the RTO will intimate the registering authority, and they will record the new address in your registration certificate. However, if the vehicle is under hire, lease, or hypothecation, you will have to submit a triplicate of Form 33 with the RTO. On receiving the form, the RTO will send a copy of it to the Registration Authority and the Financier involved via registered post.

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How to fill RTO Form No 33

RTO Form No 33 comprises mainly of three parts, which are as follows;

  1. Applicant’s personal details 
  2. Consent from the Financier 
  3. Official endorsement regarding the proceeding

Here is an in-depth look at how to fill up Form 33 for the RTO.

  1. On the top-left corner of the form, applicants must enter the name of the authority under whose jurisdiction they wish to record their new address.
  2. Next, applicants must provide their full name, father’s name and the address mentioned in their original registration certificate.
  3. Married women can mention their husband’s name instead of their father’s name in the application if they wish to do so.
  4. Once they have provided these details, the applicants will have to mention their vehicle registration number.
  5. They will also have to mention whether they reside, or engage in a business in their old address, as mentioned in the registration certificate.
  6. The next blank on Form 33 is reserved for the application date, and the applicants must also mention their present address below this blank.
  7. In case the vehicle under consideration is under a lease, hypothecation or hire-purchase agreement, make sure you mention the same along with details of the financing company.
  8. To conclude section one, applicants must affix their signature or thumb impression at the bottom of the form.
  9. The second part of Form 33 serves as a consent from the financier regarding the change of address. In case they disapprove of this change, they must mention why and provide valid reasons for the same. The financier must also affix their signature or thumb impression at the bottom of the form.
  10. The last section of the RTO serves as an official endorsement by a representative of the registering authority. They must enter their reference number, address and affix their signature and date on the form to complete the process of filing it.

After filling the form, the representative will send this RTO endorsement to both the financier and the registering authority via registered post. On receiving Form 33, both these parties must affix their specimen signatures in the last two blanks to complete the process.

Documents Required to File Form 33 with the RTO

  1. Vehicle registration certificate 
  2. Identity proof of the owner
  3. Address proof of the owner
  4. Vehicle insurance certificate
  5. Duly filled Form 33
  6. Pollution certificate
  7. Tax receipts
  • On filling the form, individuals may visit the nearest RTO office in their area. To obtain the address and contact details of such an office, individuals may use the RTO’s official website.
  • The applicant must then hand over the duly filled form and the required supporting documents as mentioned above. In case the vehicle is under a lease or hire-purchase agreement, the applicant will have to submit in triplicate.
  • After submitting the form and the required supporting documents, applicants must pay the appropriate processing fee to enable the officials to start processing the application.

What to Consider Before Filling Out Form 33 for the RTO

  1. Make sure you mention your old address first, and your new address later on in the application. Do not jumble the position of the addresses on Form 33, as this will lead to confusion.
  2. Applicants must also ensure that the new address they quote matches the ones mentioned in the identity and address proofs they have attached with the form.
  3. Take care to mention the vehicle registration number, and date of relocation accurately to avoid discrepancies later on.

Form 33 Download Format

The Registering Authority . . (name of registering authority). 

I / We. .(name of applicant) . . son / wife / daughter of . .(Name of father/husband). ., . . (full address old) . . is the registered owner of a motor vehicle . . (vehicle registration number). . have

ceased to reside/or engage in business at the address recorded in the registration certificate with effect from . . (date of relocation). .  The present address is given below, and proof regarding the same has been enclosed along with the form.


The vehicle is not under any agreement of hire purchase, lease or hypothecation.

The vehicle is under an agreement of hire-purchase/ lease/ hypothecation with . . (name and address of financier).

I / We request that the change of address be recorded in the certificate of registration.

     (Signature or thumb impression of the applicant)

Strike off whichever is inapplicable;

Consent of financier

Endorsement from registering authority


Signature of the financier:

Common RTO Forms Used in India

Here’s a quick look at the most commonly used RTO forms in India.

  1. Form 1 –

Application/declaration of physical fitness

2. Form 2 –

Application for a learner’s license

3. Form 4 –

Application for a license

4. Form 8 –

Application to add a new vehicle class to an existing license

5. Form 9 –

Application for renewal of an existing driver’s license

5. Form 20 –

Application for vehicle registration

6. Form 27 –

Application for a new vehicle registration mark

7. Form 28 –

NOC when moving to a new state

8. Form 33 –

Application for an update of new address in the vehicle registration certificate

9. Form 36 –

Application of registration certificate in the financier’s name

Applicants may complete the download through their respective state’s official RTO website. As you can see, individuals can easily change the address on their vehicle registration certificate by using Form 33. However, the process is a little complicated if the vehicle is under a lease, hire-purchase or hypothecation agreement. In such cases, you will also need your financier’s consent to make the relocation.