Last Updated at: Jul 25, 2020
Food Technology Trends 2019
With growing distant dining and food delivery habits, restaurants are seeking to establish a direct link with their consumers by switching to their own tech-enabled channels such as Whatsapp.


Food industry will never go out of demand and is a fast-growing industry.The industry has improved a lot due to the advancement in technology. Once the food booking app started up, it slowly integrated the lives of the people particularly in urban areas. In 2018, several food items started up rising in several different areas and got investments from several sources. The startup gave a new arena for the food but technology is playing a important role in the competition.

Food is the ultimate motivation goal for any person and is the one thing in the world which will never go out of demand, and therefore it is not surprising that it is indeed a thriving industry. The industry got a facelift with the many new changes that the digital age brought along. Technology gave a u-turn, once app-based food booking came into existence and has ever since slowly started integrating into people’s lives especially in the urban areas. The year 2018 has been amazing with India seeing various homegrown food startups rising over various areas and have been getting investments from various sources. The startups have developed the game and have brought food to a new arena where it is not the food that is the player, rather it is the technology that is going to play a vital part in the competition down the hill. The year 2019 has just started and it is no surprise that the food startups are planning to up the ante of competition war by bringing various technological advancements into food science.

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Voice Commands:

With voice commands getting a lot of attention over the late 2018s, because of big players such as Amazon and Google coming into play, it is now common to use personal voice assistants for home chores and as well as ordering food. On the same line, it can be expected that the hotels would have voice command regulated orders taken instead of traditional waiters. This is in line with other technology that comes into place for restaurant management through voice-enabled services.

Discovery Platforms:

Search Engines are the primary source of the customer base for various restaurants and hotels. It is true that the social media slowly started to have a steady and fast rate of acknowledging table and room bookings in the restaurant, as this changes the landscape of having an individual website for each hotel. The year is going to help the hotel runners make a proper outline of where they are going to take customers from and how they are going to implement the strategy of covering these new customers.

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Implementation of strategy:

It is no brainer that 2019 is going to see a rise in the customers looking for personalized invites and case by case offers. The hoteliers have to be ready with implementing the perfect marketing tools rather than one offer for all approach. This is going to happen only when the technology on sorting and implementing marketing tools is implemented by the hoteliers.

Artificial Intelligence and their Implementation:

One of the major upgrades in the industry and source of an upgrade for other upgrades would be the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in various facets of the food industry. This is in the inclusion of demand equitable pricing systems, reservation based on probability, menu making, resource ordering, in short, taking charge of the hotel as a manager. The AI even though would not be able to make a drastic implementation on a huge scale, it is easily viable for bringing in implementation on micro levels where the AI would command on the smoothening of everyday activity.

Big Data:

The food industry is hungry on the data of what makes you hungry. The industry is collecting data on a large scale where it collects personal data and tries to personalize the experience to the next level. This comes through analytics and big data collection. However, the implementation of such technology is still in the air because of privacy rules and policies.

Ghost Restaurant:

With the online ordering industry reaching its peak, the current industry works on the theme of traditional restaurants catering to online orders. But as the demand for online orders become more than the traditional brick and mortar shop, it is evident that the restaurants which cater only to online orders are known as ghost restaurants and on a rise. It is also the most viable option on conserving overhead costs.

Data Privacy:

The challenge we will now be facing is the data privacy issue.  Hoteliers collecting data of the customers is the primary source of customer management. However, the data collected can be used like a double sided sword, either in a positive way of personalising or it can be taken as a way of abuse over the privacy of personal data for commercial exploitation.

Therefore, the food industry too is evolving and thanks to the varied applications and inventions the tech industry is giving all the right push. Unless the food industry manages to be up-to-date getting timely upgrades, it is likely it would succumb to the customer’s needs. So it is time restauranteurs embrace the change and evolve with the growing needs and demands of their clients.

In the late 2018, voice commands came into existence and replaced the traditional waiters. Search engines are the customer’s source base for several hotels and restaurants. The hoteliers should be ready to implement the best marketing tools to attract the customers. Artificial intelligence is the main upgrade in the food industry. It includes pricing system, reservation, ordering the resources and menu making. As the online ordering industry is on rise, the ghost restaurants are reaching its peak. The ghost restaurants takes catering only for online orders. Thus, food industry is evolving.