Five Technological Disruptions in the Legal Space

Last Updated at: Oct 22, 2019
Five technological disruptions in the legal space (LIBRA)

There are many technological disruptions that have entered the legal sector in the country. It has become undeniable to avoid disruptions. The legal industry was able to withstand the same for a long time but it has finally penetrated into the same. Here, you will get to know about the five major technological disruptions that have happened in the legal sector.

The industries and various sectors in India were once trying to ignore the disruption that was trying to enter their field, but later it became an undeniable fact that the disruption clearly disrupted the way the entire sector worked. For example we can take all the brick and mortar stores or the taxi fleets that were once ruled by the localites has now come under the ambit of technologically empowered startups and automated facilities. Legal Industry was also being one of the areas which has been in long time being able to pause the change that was long trying to penetrate into. For example the courts that have been trying to stop all the foreign firms and lawyers into entering the Indian market. Now the approach has changed. The disruptive technologies have started to assist lawyers rather than replacing them.

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The new arena

The implementation of Blockchain in various industries and the co-implementation of Artificial Intelligence have also started to create new crimes and the law will definitely have to be made to address such areas of injustice. Another great implementation may be said in legal research. From books to AI based apps, technology is helping lawyers to search upon a specified query, judgements, head notes, etc.  The implementation of the whole sector with technology driven concept converts and creates a new play field.

  • Predictive Analysis: The latest in this legal landscape is predictive analysis and the related derivatives. The concept is very useful in the legal sector. The judiciary is actually a game where mostly the side which loses the case will face a huge cost of litigation. The predictive analysis tool helps these sort of issues to be nullified as it usually gets a probability of winning any given circumstances.
  • Online advisory services have started booming in the part of time that we are now in. The industry sees a huge demand with more and more clients opting to find and get advice online. This allows clients to have a variety of options and are not bound by geographical boundaries.
  • Data Processing and management is another field where the rapid implementation of cloud and server based technologies intervene with the age old file systems. This gives an added advantage of swift search and processing of data and preservation and security for an extended period.
  • The other added changes that the field encounters include the regulatory and filing process. The live stream of court proceedings and implementation of technology and tech enabled services in courtroom would on an overall show us the changes that is coming up.
  • The technology enabled services also show a evergrowing bond among global legal professionals. It makes collaboration among the fraternity to be easy and effortless.
  • AI chatbots are going to be on a rise and the manufacturing of such bots are going to be on a huge scale to meet the growing demand for such instruments.

The industry is expected to have an evolved structure with the high profile design of integrating lawyers specialized in various sectors to work together and use technology to assist on the very necessary level.

To conclude it is guaranteed that the industry will boom in a fabulous scale and the will see no shortage or excessiveness of lawyers. The demand as well as the supply will be parallel for at least a decade. AI would find it difficult to break the closely knitted lawyer community but would be able to survive in parallel and it is the future of this industry.

With the advancement in technology, latest trends such as blockchain and Artificial Intelligence have emerged online. These play a major role in many industries and the legal research is not let alone. So, with these technological breakthroughs, it is possible to witness a boom in the industry and change the future of the industry as a whole.