Filing an FIR in Chennai

Last Updated at: Oct 30, 2020
Filing An FIR In Chennai
The Economic Offences Wing (EOW), Chennai recently registered an FIR against an investment management company, its trustee company, and senior management, including the fund manager. This was for allegedly defrauding the 300,000 unitholders stuck in its 6 debt schemes shut already. The FIR is based on a complaint filed earlier by the Chennai Financial Markets & Accountancy (CFMA), an investor group.


FIR or First Information Report is the first thing that you will be asked to file at a police station. It is a document that is a record of the complainant’s perspective on the crime or incident. This can be lodged by anyone against the person(s) who have committed the offense. Here, you will get to know more about FIR and its importance.

When you approach the police station, you are required to file a first information report (FIR). This document records the complainant’s perspective on the crime committed. FIRs can be lodged by the person against whom the offense is committed, by the person who knows that the offense has been committed, or by the person who has seen the commissioning of an offense.

It is essential for the FIR to be an accurate account of the incident as it is the basis for the investigation as a deviation from the report can severely damage faith in the victim. Therefore, it is generally better if the FIR is not filed by an eyewitness without a comprehensive understanding of the event.

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Procedure for Filing an FIR

You can file the FIR at any police station, regardless of where the incident took place. It is the responsibility of the station to transfer the report to the concerned station. In fact, you can even submit it via e-mail. In case of mental or physical disability, the police officer may be asked to visit the home of the victim. If the offense is sexual harassment, voyeurism, stalking, or rape, only a woman police officer can record the report. The FIR can be filed verbally or in writing.

If there is a delay between the event and the filing of the FIR, the police may ask you to give an explanation for the same. All details, including date, place, and time, must be mentioned in the report. Once prepared, the officer must read the report back to you so that you can verify that your account has been taken down accurately. You can always ask for changes to be made at this point, but not after. Once done, sign the original FIR. You should receive a copy within 24 hours.

This copy will contain an FIR number, which is a reference for follow-ups. If the police do not register an FIR, the complainant can complain to the higher-ups. The complainant can approach, in person or in writing, the assistant commissioner or deputy commissioner, or even the superintendent of police, commissioner of police, or director-general of police. Click here to read Requirements for a Valid FIR

FIR is an essential document and it has to be accurate. It should convey whatever has happened at the crime spot without any alteration. If there is any mishap in the same, which was figured out during the investigation, then it will damage the faith in the victim or witness. Do keep in mind that it can be filled either verbally or in writing.