The Business Opportunity Made Possible by Making Drones (flying) Legal in India.

Last Updated at: Oct 30, 2020
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The Indian UAS sector is predicted to hit $885.7 million, rendering it around 4 percent of the global market of approximately $21.47 billion. At the very same period, it represents 20 percent of UAS ‘s global imports, making it the 5th biggest drone importer.
Recently, India legalized flying of drones to promote digital evolution. The new drone policy has laid down requirements for registration of drones with the Government’s digital sky portal. The policy on manufacturing drones has been laid down as a part of the “Make in India” initiative as well.


Flying drones will be becoming legal in India from December 1, 2018. The Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), after pondering on this issue for a couple of years, ended the long wait of uncertainty and finally passed the policy for making drones or remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) legal in India.

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What are drones or RPAs?

As per the policy, the remotely piloted aircraft, its related remote pilot station(s), expertise and control links and any other mechanisms forms a Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS). Also, as per the necessities of civil aviation, the RPAs will be required to adhere to the operational requirements, Unique Identification Number (UIN) and Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP).

Allowing the drones to be flown legally around India opens up a whole new sector for entrepreneurs to invest in. There are already so many startups working on drone technology or the industrial solutions that use drones.

If anyone is technically persuaded and looking to start a new business or have a prevailing business that could profit from the new technology then why not take benefit of one of the latest developments and become a drone expert? Here we have listed some of the business ideas by using drones. Take a look-


Previously when the drones were not existing, taking photographs or video from the air was a very costly affair because of the rental of fixed-wing or helicopter aircraft. With the arrival of low-cost drones furnished with high-resolution cameras, captivating aerial images is now easily affordable for the photographers.

Photographs and videos taken from the air offer an outlook that cannot be accorded from the ground, and drones can carefully operate at much lower altitudes and in more narrowed spaces than aircraft. If one has good photography skills and an interest in the drones, why not consider beginning a drone photography business?

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Security Surveillance

Home-based and commercial security is another area widespread with the prospect for a drone business. For instance, if the drone is installed and a trespass takes place then the drone is alerted and activated. The drone even captures the live video footage of the interference and transmits it to a smartphone. Drones can also support in sensing other threats to property such as fire and water leakages.

Live video feeds from the drones can be sent to the home or business owner’s mobile device or to a central monitoring facility or directly to the emergency responders. The usage of drones is generating new business opportunities in the security surveillance field for entrepreneurs who are ready to cash in on the trend.

Rescue and Search

Drones are becoming a crucial tool in the arsenal of rescue and search organizations. Aside from the greatly reduced price of using drones instead of the helicopters for aerial searches, drones are even able to fly at night time and reach the areas where helicopters cannot travel.  

Equipping the drones with ultraviolet or night vision sensors allows rescue and search teams to detect missing people by heat emissions as well as visually, and drones can even deliver emergency supplies as required. Becoming a rescue and search drone operator, selling, renting, or equipping search and rescue drones can also be a business opportunity.

Agricultural Surveys

Drones are modernizing agriculture. The capability to survey crops from the air with a low-cost unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with the range of sensors assists a farmer to collect an extraordinary amount of useful data.

In addition to this, drone crop surveys can be taken hourly, daily or weekly as required. Accurate information allows for ideal crop irrigation, pest control, and fertilization. Reduction of water and pesticide usage and maximizing the crop yield profit the bottom line and the environment.

Mapping and Surveying

Land surveyors are aggregately turning to drones to obtain highly accurate digital survey data from the air in a very less time (and expense) as required by survey teams on the ground.

By using the base station GPS and reference data, specially equipped drones can collect three-dimensional cartographic information with an exactness of within one to two cm after the processing. Cartographic surveys are used in different industries.

The prices of the drones are decreasing in recent years, but still, they are an expensive piece of equipment and can be damaged or lost through equipment failure, misuse or accident. Damage insurance can be covered for the cost of repair or replacement.

So, if you are interested to do the drone business then make sure you do some preliminary market research such as survey businesses and possible clients in your location that might benefit from drone services. If you get any positive response related to demand for drone services, write a business plan, even if there is no need for debt financing for startup capital to get your business going.