Digitize India Platform: How to become a Digital Contributor?

Last Updated at: Oct 06, 2020
Digitize India Platform: How to become a Digital Contributor?
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has launched a campaign #TCSPartOfYourStory showcasing the company’s contribution to the Digital India initiative of the Government. This campaign captures some of the most impactful stories of digital India and the key role played by TCS in building the digital backbone of the country. 


The Digitise India Platform, better known as DIP, is Narendra Modi’s brainchild and functions as a Government initiative that was undertaken to make the process of digitisation easier on a national scale. 

True to the initiative “Digital India”, DIP provides a platform for digitisation services. It aims to digitize the physical documents and records, thereby reducing the piles of papers in Government offices, Government organisations and non-Governmental organisations

Through DIP, citizens can scan documents and images and also make them available to upload when the time comes for verification. 

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about the Digitise India Programme. 

It aims to enable people to digitise all their existing documents and also helps them in managing these documents effectively. It utilises both machine learning algorithms and a crowd-sourced methodology to implement the functionality. 

Digitising your data

Here’s a look at how to digitise your documents:

  • Scanned documents are made as snippets or little amounts of data as per the requirement of the organization.
  • Meta data of the documents are maintained throughout the lifecycle of the document
  • Snippets or little amounts of the data you provide are passed out to the DIP system
  • Then they are compared with the data that have already been converted
  • Based on the accuracy of both, points are rewarded for each correct word 
  • The contributors then digitise these packets of data 
  • Finally, they are put together to form the actual document and will be sent back to your organisation

Job prospects as a Digital Contributor

There are thousands of people who earn money by working online. The Indian Government hires people who are willing to do data entry work through the DIP. The rates of pay may go as high as Rs. 100 per hour making it a great way to earn some extra cash and the money gets transferred to your bank account without any other hassle as it is a Government policy. All an employee has to do is type the words as shown in the image of the document correctly, without any errors.

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While this requires no degree to ally for, specific eligibility criteria need to be met. For instance, a person who applies must:

  • Be a citizen of India
  • Must have enough knowledge of computers
  • Perform simple data entry jobs 
  • Must have a valid Aadhaar Card
  • Must have a bank account that is linked to their Aadhaar Card 
  • Must possess a Laptop and smartphone. 

For every verified and correct task performed, the Digital Contributor gets reward points. They can redeem the points into monetary value or donate them to the Digital India initiative.

User Organizations

All government departments, public sector organizations and autonomous bodies can become a user organization to use DIP. The organisation must submit their records in scanned images for digitization to the platform operator. However, if organizations wish to submit them physical records, they may have to pay separately for the scanning.

How to register for DIP?

Head on over here to register. 

  1. Go to the Digitize India Registration Page
  2. Fill in details such as name, age, gender and Aadhaar number
  3. Verify your Aadhaar card
  4. Choose a suitable username and password
  5. Register your mobile number and email id
  6. Click on the Register Now tab

As the number of documents that are generated daily increases, storing and analysing them becomes more and more difficult. Most organisations scan their images to preserve data on them, but this is a human-intensive process that is both costly and time-consuming. Digital India platform helps such organisations by providing digitization services. This technology works exceptionally well for organisations whoich have large volumes of data to transform into a digital form. Also, documents that have a standard form and ones which are frequently used may be digitised through DIP which can digitally create materials which are multi-lingual and even ones which have alphanumeric info in them. 

How DIP helps users and organisations? 

Here’s a look at who will benefit the most out of this new initiative.  

  • Organisations

Any organisation including government offices, PSUs and even private companies. DIP makes it easier for such companies to keep track of their employees, manage their files and also record incidents. This, therefore, makes them more efficient and saves them a tonne of time. Another added benefit of using such a process is that it helps save a lot of space as these documents would take up valuable shelf space if retained in their hard-copy form. 

  • Contributor

This initiative also helps in employing people as you can register yourself as a digital contributor for this project. This would require you to work as a data entry specialist who inputs the received data from different sources onto the DIP platform. The efficiency of such employees is also measured, with higher accuracy leading to higher rewards. Rewards are handed out based on the number of correct words types per documents.  Hence this platform also works as a job provider and is an excellent opportunity to brush up on your IT skills and earn some money at the same time.