Of Data and Lawyers

Last Updated at: Nov 04, 2019

For centuries the work of lawyers remains the same, defend their clients against cases and suits and to deliver legal opinion for people regarding matters of concern. It is a known fact that lawyers perform their work based on their mental ideas, but when we have a chronological study on the question of how they perform the task we can infer that their work pattern changes with the change in technology. It is widely understood that technology has impacted a lot on the working of a lawyer and the judiciary at large. We couldn’t say that technology plays an inevitable part in a lawyer rather it makes their work a lot easier and efficient both in case of time and money.

Efficient management of paperwork

It was not an unusual sight in the last century to see a lawyer’s room surrounded with bundles of paper and case related paper works. It was only after the introduction of the technology lawyers were relieved from getting burdened with a lot of paperwork. The introduction of laptops and computers made documents to be typed and saved which can be recovered at the necessary time, thus these electronic alternatives have minimalist loss of important documents since it is easier to carry in an electronic form rather than a hard copy. It is also an undisputed fact that documents in a laptop are easier to maintain rather than papers flying around the place all around. They have also played a major role in clearing up the mess all around and has helped in creating a more composed and orderly way in which files can be arranged.

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Flexible workplace

In the primitive times, lawyers were able to work only in their workplace and in an office atmosphere. but today with technology breaking all the bars, providing lawyers to work in almost all places.  Just by carrying a laptop or a tablet, technology has made it possible for lawyers to have a double efficient work anywhere around the globe. Thus this has given ultimate freedom to lawyers by providing them with all the necessary information and data instantly just by having an Internet connectivity. Thus they have everything they want with a touch of a finger making them have access to any data without any glitch.

Technology as a timesaver

It was a real back-breaking work for lawyers to find related materials for a particular case. They would have to go through volumes of books for finding one relevant case. But with the advancement in technology lawyers could find Citations and Precedents with the Wink of our eyes just by typing keywords in relation to it. Companies like Manupatra and Lexis Nexis offer Online services with national and International citations just by typing the relevant keywords.

Privacy the main concern

Safety and privacy is yet another main concern that every lawyer face. There was always an imminent threat that lawyers work will either be destroyed by an accident or by an intentional effort by the opposite party. There are also high chances that documents in Hard Copy will be leaked to a third party which will, in turn, leave all the hard work of a lawyer go down the drain. Thus Technology comes up with Clear-cut solutions by having a secure encrypted soft copied Documents which can be accessed only by the authorized people and advancement in technologies have made its availability more common and affordable rather than having it stored in a big safe.

Case management

To Err is Human”, memory loss is faced by many. Lawyers usually maintain their case details in a case diary, What if the diary gets lost! and what if we fail to check it properly! And many a time lawyers tend to miss their important hearing dates because of these misplaces. What if we say that technology has a solution even for that. Yes, there is a software “Libra” which manages all our cases and reminds us all the important dates and hearing places. Thus advancement with technology made it possible for us to maintain a log in our palm-sized phones with software that can seldom be destroyed by natural forces making our data super intact. Thus managing our case, searching citations by keywords all made easy under one roof “Libra”.

Though it is not possible for a robot lawyer to argue on a case, the advancement in technology has never stopped, thus paving way for new invention every second. There are various concepts which are still in its research stage like using Artificial Intelligence to assist lawyers. Thus with every improvement and new discovery lawyers are less burdened with their work and more flexibility and relaxation are provided to them so that they can have a peaceful work and family atmosphere. Thus technology came out with a solution to one of the worst problem faced by lawyers at large “family-work disparity”