Court Marriage Procedure in India in 6 Easy Steps & Court Marriage Forms


हिंदी में जानकारी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें

Court marriage procedure is common across India. It is made possible — and subsequently governed by — the Special Marriage Act, 1954, which provides for marriage by civil ceremony between parties belonging to different religions. Even parties of the same religion may, however, choose a court marriage over rituals and ceremonies.

Court Marriage Procedure (1)

Before we begin, let us address common concerns:

Can you register marriage online?
No, marriage registration cannot be done online. You would need to physically present yourself in front of a marriage officer to register the marriage.

Do you need parents’ approval to be married in court?
No. There is no need for parents’ approval of a court marriage, so long as the following conditions are fulfilled.

Can I download Court Marriage forms?
Click here to download the form for Notice of Marriage and Declaration of Bride and Bridegroom.


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Chapter II, Section 4, states that certain conditions are required for entering into such a marriage. They are:

No Previous Marriage Valid: Neither party should have a living husband or wife. Any previous marriage should no longer be valid.

Valid Consent: Both parties should be competent to give valid consent. The parties should be capable of speaking their mind and entering into marriage of their own will.

Age: The male must have completed 21 years and the female 18 years of age.

Fit for Procreation: Neither of party should be unfit for procreation of children.

Prohibited Relationship: Parties should not be within degrees of prohibited relationship as provided in Schedule I; however, if the customs and traditions of the religion of any one of the parties permit so, then it shall be valid.

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Steps for Court Marriage
1. Notice of Intended Marriage
2. Publication of Notice
3. Objections to Marriage
4. Signing of Declaration
5. Place of Marriage
6. Certificate of Marriage


Notice/Application of intended marriage

To be married in court, the marriage officer of the district must first be informed of the intention to marry.

Who must give notice?
A notice in writing is to be given by parties to the marriage.

To whom should the notice be given?
The notice is given to the marriage officer of the district in which at least one party must have stayed for 30 days immediately before the date when the notice is served. For example, if the male and female are in Delhi, but wish to marry in Mumbai. At least one of them must travel to Mumbai 30 days before the intended date and live there until the date of the marriage.

What is the format of the notice?
The notice must be as per the format provided in Schedule II of the act with documents attached as proof of age and residence. See below or click here for downloadable format:


To the Marriage Officer of the __________ District.

We hereby give you notice that a marriage under the Special Marriage Act, 1954, is intended to be solemnised between us within three calendar months from the date hereof.

Name: ____________

Condition: _____________

Occupation: _____________

Age: ________________

Dwelling place: ___________________________________________________________________

Length of residence: _______________________________________

Permanent place of residence: _____________________________________________________

Groom’s Name (Choose One):
1. Unmarried
2. Widower
3. Divorcee

Bride’s Name (Choose One):
1. Unmarried
2. Widow
3. Divorcee

Witness our hands this ____________ day of 20__
(Signed) Groom
(Signed) Bride


Publication of Notice

Who publishes the notice?
The marriage officer of the district to whom the notice has been served publishes the notice.

Where is the notice published?
At a conspicuous place in the office and one copy in the office of the district where the other party permanently resides (if any).


Objections to Marriage

Who can raise the objection?
Any person, of course! Any person can raise objections to the marriage based on the grounds listed in Chapter II, Section 4 of the Act (see above). If the objections have little to do with any of the factors mentioned above, then the objection will be of no consequence. However, in most cases, the marriage officer would need to examine the objection.

To whom objection is raised?
To the marriage officer of the concerned district.

What are the grounds of objection?
Any one of the conditions stated above and specified in Chapter II, Section 4 of the act.

What are the consequences if objection(s) are accepted?
The marriage officer must, within 30 days from the date of objection, make inquiries and if the objections are found to be true, the marriage cannot be solemnised.

What is the remedy in case objection(s) have been accepted?
An appeal can be filed by either party.

To whom is the appeal filed?
The district court within the local limits under the jurisdiction of the marriage officer.

When can an appeal be filed?
Any time within 30 days from the date of refusal to solemnise marriage.


Signing of the Declaration

Who has to sign the declaration?
Both parties and three witnesses (in the presence of the marriage officer). It will also be countersigned by the marriage officer.

What is the content and format of declaration?
It is as provided in Schedule III of the act. Find the format below or click here for download.


I, , hereby declare as follows:

1. I am, at the present time, ________ (unmarried, widower or divorcee, as the case may be).

2. I have completed ___ years of age.

3. I am not related to _____, the bride, within the degrees of prohibited relationship.

4. I am aware that if any statement in this declaration is false and if in making such statement I either know or believe it to be false or do not believe it to be true, I am liable to imprisonment and also to a fine.



I, , hereby declare as follows:

1. I am, at the present time, ________ (unmarried, widower or divorcee, as the case may be).

2. I have completed ___ years of age.

3. I am not related to _____, the bridegroom, within the degrees of prohibited relationship.

4. I am aware that if any statement in this declaration is false and if in making such statement I either know or believe it to be false or do not believe it to be true, I am liable to imprisonment and also to a fine.


Signed in our presence by the above-named and . So far as we are aware, there is no lawful impediment to the marriage.

(Signed Witness 1)

(Signed Witness 2)

(Signed Witness 3)

(Countersigned Marriage Officer)

Dated: The ______ day of ______ 20__


Place of Marriage

Place of Marriage: Either the office of marriage officer or any other place within a reasonable distance can be the place of marriage.

Form of Marriage: Any form as the parties to the marriage choose but each party in presence of marriage officer will have to say:

“I, _______, take thee, ________, to be my lawful wife/husband.”


Certificate of Marriage

The marriage officer enters a certificate in the form specified in Schedule IV of the act in the marriage certificate book. If signed by both parties and three witnesses, such a certificate is conclusive evidence of the court marriage. The certificate of marriage is as follows:


I, , hereby certify that on the ___ day of ____ 20__, and appeared before me and that each of them, in my presence and in the presence of three witnesses who have signed hereunder, made the declarations required by Section 11 and that a marriage under this Act was solemnised between them in my presence.


Marriage Officer for __________ District

(Signed Groom)

(Signed Bride)

This is the Court Marriage Procedure in India in 6 Easy Steps. Let us know if you have any further questions in the comments.

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  1. hi vikram sir, AM Nirmala staying in Bangalore more than 3yrs.
    (1)can i apply/submit both mine & my fiance forms. because he recently got posted to London, working thr. bt wil take leave once we gt the marriage date confirmed.
    (2) is thr any pozbility of getting marriage certificate with in 3-4days as we want to apply for visa, my fiance working in UK.

    • Hi Nirmala… yes, you can submit the forms of both you and your fiance. But getting marriage certificate in 3 to 4 days is unlikely. It will take 7 to 10 days minimum.

  2. Hello Vikram sir,

    We got married in Madhya Pradesh. And now we are in Bangalore and going to M.P. for our marriage registration.So for ourmarriage certificate is it necessary that parents of both of us should be present???

  3. Sir,After filling the form of court marriage ,is there any notice or information will be send in our home or somewhere or can anybody know about are marriage?

  4. hello vikram sir, i am manpreet singh from sri ganganagar rajasthan, i need some information from you about court marriage, pls give me ur contact nmbr sir. thank you

  5. Hlw sir m dlhi mee hi rhti hu orr mere bf garhwal ke h orr m janna chahti hu ki kya court ki trf se koi documents hmre ghr pe bheje jayenge before marriage orr in sb me kitne paise lagenge orr agr hmre sare documents orr wittness sb thik h to kitna time lag skta h court mee pls rply sir

    • Hello aaradhna if u have proper documentation and have support of witnesses there will be no problem. And u can get Marrige certificate at the same say,, nd that is not too expensive it process will be complete in max 10k including lawyer fees etc etc

  6. Hello Vikram sir,
    I am Karan, sir i want to marry with my fiance,
    1) Can i apply application form from me and my fiance bcoz she is working in diffrent city and i am in diffrent city.
    2) What’s the procedure and any type of letter or any notice or information will be send in our home or somewhere or can anybody know about are marriage?

  7. Hi, please let me know, if all the procedure has followed perfectly but one.of the party has not signed just the certificate of marriage.. Is the marriage still be counted as registered??

  8. Hello vikrm sir i want to mry my gf she is from different caste and i m frm jmu and now i m in delhi i want to mry her in delhi what documents is required for that ? Plz rply

  9. Dear Mr. Vikram

    Please be informed that i’ll be getting married by November 2016, but as per the marriage form one must mentioned the current marital status either unmarried, widower or divorce. But my fiancee she is a divorce and I don’t want to inform on this to my family. So i kindly request you to let me know if its possible to mentioned the status as unmarried for my fiancee. If so will it be a called legalized marriage. Even if we mentioned and submit the divorced certificate without knowing my family will my family will be aware of it in future. I mean in my marriage certificate will it be mentioned that my wife was previously divorcee.

  10. Sir i want to marry my lover.. We both are different caste and religion.. We have planned to de marriage without marriage support.. Is it possible to do in court marriage. And how long it will take to do court marriage.. Urgent sir.. I need your help please.. I dont have any one.. Please reply my post.. My mobile number 9789163627.. Im from tamilnadu, india

  11. Hi sir , I have some queries pls clarify

    (1) after court marriage there is some notice sent by court to our families or not???
    (2) I heared about ,if we do intercast marriage ,government give some compensation ,is it true,???
    Urgent pls,

    Thanks & regards

  12. Hi Vikram sir,

    Kindly reply me about my questions, i was posted my questions in the 14-Sep-16. Sir i need ur help about some legal consultation.plz help me sir.

  13. Respected Vikram sir,
    Actually I just wanted to know that if we are filing the application for marriage in court, then is there a verification conducted at our homes. Because we wanted to get married to each other where my motheris ready for that but my girlfriend’s parents will not be ready. So please can you guide me for the same. My email id is as given:
    Hope you will guide us completely.
    Thanking you
    Waiting for your reply.

  14. Respected Vikram ji,
    I am from Surat – Gujarat, & I want to marry my fiance & she is now working in MP. We are planning for court marriage in the February month. So please guide me the procedure of court marriage.. Now i understand that before 30 days prior I have to apply in the court, but which documents required & how much time it will take… coz I am also doing job in Surat. I can’t take leave every month…
    Its my request, please contact me & give me your valuable guidance on my mail id…
    Here is my mail id :- “”

  15. hello sir ,i want to do court marriage ,but my age is 19 yr nd if i will not marry thn my arents will marry with another one.which i dont want .because my family is not ready to do with my choice one but her family is ready .what can i do. i m in troubble

    • Dear brother this is not possible to do court marriage in this age… but u can take help of police,, even u can say no to ur parents and u have to stand for ur futer partner

  16. Hey vikram sir..just want to ask is it possible to get the marriage certificate on the same day of the marriage registry because i need to move abroad in mid December so we won’t hv much time to wait for marriage certificate…any other options??

  17. After filling the form of court marriage ,is there any notice or information will be send in our home or somewhere or can anybody know about are marriage?

  18. we both Get Marriage & Divoice we Want Both To Gather
    —-its posible what i want to Do
    —with out nowing Any One of her family
    —Want to Marry her.

  19. Hi sir
    My date of birth is 10/03/1997
    Can i am able to get courtmarriage
    Please tell me sir
    I love my gf more than my life
    I cant live without her
    Please give my reply sir
    I am waiting for your reply sir

  20. hello sir,

    My question is i am staying in Mumbai , and if i want to do the court marriage then where should i go , to direct district court or take help of any Advocate.

    • Hiiii Vikram….
      This is Indu here Ranchi, Jharkhand have got married on 2nd June this year,need to register my marriage but problem is that of I’m not from Ranchi,so can we apply online to get the certificate or where we should have to go…?
      Please reply Asaph.
      Indu Pandey

  21. I want to know that can b apply for it online??? Also that will they send any letter or notification at our residence??? Plz reply me as soon as possible

  22. Hi Vikram’s sir, I hv query. I’m already married for 5 years now & hv a kid too, but our marriage is not registered. We got married in Orissa(berhampur) & we r staying in Chennai. Most of the registration officers are telling that, we can register our marriage in Chennai. It should only be done in the same place where we got married. Can you help me out for any other options. Plz help me


    • Same issue was with me. Either one of you should have a local address proof and then you can register your marriage in Chennai

  23. Hi vikram sir i wannna get married to girl who is muslim and i m hindu and we both r from kerala so can we register our marriage in any state? Pls reply sir

  24. Sir is maarige officer will check our certificate or will see for once n returned us ,n will they ask any questions about our life n isbelow 21 years can be witnessed

  25. THIS write is of great help to all those who want to get married with simple ceremony. It provides all required info in sufficient detail. However, the downloadable forms are in Office’97 .doc format. It would be nice if PDF formats are also provided for download. Thanks for all your help.

  26. Hai I am getting married to whom I love so much. But he lives in Germany and he is visiting India in this month and we will get married. Can you please tell me that is it possible to get the marriage certificate within 3 to 4 days as we have to move together to Germany after marriage as soon as possible

    • 3 to 4 days is a bit tight. It usually takes at least 15 days. It is best to talk with an officer at the Registrar to find out how soon you will be able to get the certificate.

  27. I am not in India but my fiancee is, now my question is, is it possible for her only to sign on the notice of intended marriage as this will waste a lot of time on posting her the signed copy and her presenting it there. I intend to be in India in December and getting on with the court marriage. Please let me know if this is possible so I can do like wise. Thanking you in advance.

      • Hello,

        So does that mean either the bride or groom can submit the notice documents, and that both are not mandatory?
        Only for registration of marriage, both are necessary to be physically present right?

          • Hello Vikram sir,

            My fiance is a resident of Delhi but is currently staying abroad and I wish to submit the notice documents for both of us in Delhi.
            I have been staying in Delhi for more than 6 months, so I wish to know what documents do I need to produce to prove that I have been staying in Delhi
            Please advice.

  28. So after the procedure for court marriage, where will we receive our marriage certificate… at our given residence? I do not want it to be delivered at our residence as I dont want my family to know before 6 months atleast. Please share as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  29. Hi…just wanted to enquirer if the couple is abroad and the parents want to move the application for their marriage is it possible? They are coming to India for two weeks and we want to get them married. Kindly answer the query asap for us to take the decision. Thanks!!

  30. dear sir.
    m workimg in dubai hear in my company thy appoint me only 1 month leave and also my groom is non muslim . can u please say me any easy procidure for it…

  31. Hello sir,
    My girlfrnd mother done her engage with other guy because m muslime and c is hindu but she is not happy with this engagement and she wanted to do court marry with me but also afriad of the other guy ( engage by her parent) that he will charge any action on us so i just want to now the solution for this and is it is find to do court marry. Plz help

  32. Hello Sir

    i was staying in live in since last 7 years .i wanted to marty the girl as well i beg both parents like anything but they have denied ,her parents called her stated thet when you come will send dad to talk with my dad ,but it was a trap to bring her back to home ,they are not even turning up not leaving her to come out form home .can i fill the form and and do the complain against her parents regarding that ..i m bit confused what to do .or she can fill the form and do courier then i ll fill the form and submit to court is it ok

    regards rahul

    • No, it is not at all possible to register for court marriage when the bridegroom is 19 years old because, according to the Special Marriage Act,1954, during the time of marriage, the bridegroom should have been completed 21 years of age and the bride should have completed 18 years of age. If you fulfill the above conditions and willing to register for court marriage please do contact me at 9163698681.

  33. Sir,
    Me & my girl friend live in different cities.
    How is it possible for us do court marriage & her parents will never allow us to do this marriage
    How can i present her in court ? Need your help
    Please guide me firstly what i have to do

  34. Hi sir,
    I want to ask you that if i register for a court marriage with my lover bcz both the familys are not listening to us we want to get married in the month of march

    If i register the form any type of notice will send to our home please ans me sir its very urgent and necessary … its a humble req

  35. Is procedure is thesame for inter religion marriage?
    What if marriage is happening between indian lady and british guy who is NRI?
    And can i make application before he come india?

  36. We want to get married by Jan through court marriage, but we are afraid that the notice will be sent to our homes. My boyfriends parents and my relatives have agreed for marriage but my parents won’t let it happen if a notice is sent to them .
    Please confirm whether notice is really sent to him or not.

  37. We want to get married by Jan through court marriage, but we are afraid that the notice will be sent to our homes. We both are Hindu but caste is different. My boyfriends parents and my relatives have agreed for marriage but my parents won’t let it happen if a notice is sent to them .
    Please confirm whether notice is really sent to him or not.

  38. hello sir mera naam rajat hai aur mai ek ladki ko bahut chahta hu aur vo ladki bhi mujhe bahut chahti hai magr vo apne gharwalo ke darr se mujhse door hoti ja rahi hai mai kya karu sir mai use apnana chahta hu pls sir mujhe bataye ki mai kya karu use le ke bhaaag jau

  39. Mr. Vikram, can I hire you as my legal representative for my marriage procedure?

    Please reply to my personal email and we will take it from there.

    Greatly appreciated.


  40. sir , my age is 28 year and my lovers age is 23 year .so i want to marriage . how to applied the cout marriage .
    sir consult tha marriage .and contact person

  41. Hello Vikram Sir,
    If the parents of a girl are not giving permission for marriage and they have taken all the documents and copy of documents of a girl. Than what can be done in such a case ?

  42. Hello Vikram,

    I am Gagan from Punjab, my would be partner is from Pathankot i.e. in Punjab only. We are not married in to gurudwara or Temple & want to get court married without religious marriage. both of our parents are ready for this. Is it possible to get legally married without presenting photographs of marriage. Please reply on priority, we need to apply for Canadian visa so that’s why we need marriage certificate on urgent basis

  43. hi vikram,
    need your help, am getting married with my same cast girl , but she live in canada. our both family wants us to get marry. wat all i need document for marriage ????… can i get certificate in one day? lil urgent .


  44. Vikram Sir
    hello This is Vivek….
    we both don’t want our parents to know we are getting married. and even i don’t know what are the procedure.
    do we have to keep our documents and what documents are that. she has turned 18th but i’m just 20th yr and 6month.
    do we are eligible to get married and how long its Gonna Take.

  45. Hi,if all the procedure has followed perfectly but one.of the party has not signed just the certificate of marriage.. Is the marriage still be counted as registered??

  46. Hi Vikram Shah,

    I am from MP, but i had been staying in Bangalore last 3 years. I want to do the court marriage here. Can you please tell me what all the documents required for this, me and my fiance are from North only.
    We have rental agreement for local address proof.

    Please help me our…

    Thanks in advance

  47. Hello sir,
    I had heard that government provides some financial help to the couples belonging to different caste and religion. Is it true?

  48. Dear Vikram sir,
    First of all thanks for the great information and I would like to know that how will Marriage Officer contact us after 30 days of notice as I haven’t seen any contact details in the form.Another thing Can we decide the marriage date after 30 days of notice?
    Please clear the above queries ASAP and it will help a lot.
    Thanks in advance.

  49. i was married through the hindu marriage act in a temple and then declaration of marriage papers were made and registered at the notory office is my marriage valid how legal and binding is a declaration of marriage can i appose my husband’s 2nd marriage or will his 2nd marriage be more valid than my.

  50. Hi Vikram,

    As a British man marrying an Indian woman what would I be entitled to with regards to citizenship etc
    Also what would my wife to be be entitled to in Britain?

  51. Hi, I am Rakesh staying in Bangalore and my fiance is staying in Solapur. Planning to get register marriage with permission from both our parents. I have a doubt that where to be registered our marriage. It should be done in Bangalore or Solapur and what are the documents required.

  52. hlo sir must reply to my qstn
    my gf turned to 18 but still my age is 20 my gf parents wants to marry her with another guy so in this case can we will be donw with court marriage??

  53. Sir my girlfrend is 18 years & 6 months & i em 23 years… We both are in relationship from last 4 years .. We both live in gurgaon .we both luv each other very much but her parents are not ready .. Can we eligible for court marriage .aur there is any condition .. ?

    Or after court marriage there is any possiblity of separation …by parents .?

  54. Hello sir, i need your help. Me and my lover both r same caste and same village we r stay in hyderabad for court marriage where we r going? help any advocated.tell me and what are the minimum documents required. Plzzzz sir reply….

  55. Hello, Vikram sir,
    Main aur mere bf jharkhand me rahte hain. Mere bf 8 month se mere dist me rah rahe hain, hamdono janna chahte hain ki agar main apne dist me court marriage ke liye apply karu to kya mere bf ke dist me notice jayega, hamdono ni chahte ki bf ke dist me notice lagaya jaye, Ye hamare liye problem la sakta hai please guide us we really need your advice..

  56. Hello Vikram sir,
    Main aur mere bf jharkhand me rahte hain, mere bf 8 month se mere dist me rah rahe hain, hamdono janna chahte hain ki agar main apne dist me court marriage ke liye apply karu to kya mere bf ke dist me notice jayega. Hamdono aisa ni chahte ye hamare liye safe ni hoga, please hame advise dijiye we really need your help..

  57. Hello sir
    Sir mai ek ladki se bahot pyar karta hu hum dono ek dusre se bahot pyar karte hain mai us se shaadi karna chahta hu. but sir ladki hindu hai aur mai muslim isi silsile me mujhe aap se kuchh baat karni hai.
    Sir aap mujhe apna no de sakte hain plz sir plz bahot arjent hai

  58. Sir please help me after court marriage if any family person broken a marriage of husband and wife. So what to do legal step in court marriage ?

  59. sir , my age is 28 year and my lovers age is 24 year .so i want to marriage . how to applied the cout marriage .but i m muslim n my lover is hindu so success marriage ?
    sir consult tha marriage .and contact person

  60. Sir,After filling the form of court marriage ,is there any notice or information will be send in our home or somewhere or can anybody know about are marriage?

  61. Sir’ mera family agreed he mere humdono ko Marriage karwane k lia par ladki k family agree nhi hote he ulta marne me lage hua he mujhe or jan se marne ka dhamki dia he papa ko so papa darte he isilia
    aise halat me humdono kaise marriage kare?

  62. Hi sir
    I have 23 year old and she also 23 year old. Uski shadi ho chuki h par vo shadi k dusre hi din se(5year) vo dono sath nahi h.abhi hum dono relationship h aur shadi karna chahte h.unhone marriage kia tha uska koi registration nahi kia h. only hindu vidhi k anusar hua h aur abhi tak hindu vidhi k anusar divorce bhi nahi hua h.shadi k photographs ko legally proof mana ja sakta h??
    Aur is situation me hum kaise court marriage kar sakte h???
    Please tell me u r leggally suggestion?

  63. Hi Vikram. Please mention your contact number to enable me to speak to you. Mine is 9810434862. I am Sheikher. Thanks

  64. Hie Sir My Girlfriend leave in Kolkata & Am from Patiala we both want to marry we both love each other but prblm is family sooo we are decided for court marriage i just want to know one think is it important we have to survive 30 days notice periods Sir I really need your help please guide me sir i requst you plzzz help me am really thankful to you if you help me

    • Yeah it is necessary to give 30 days notice prior to marriage as per the marriage rules and regulations. But nobody will be able to know about the notice period unless and until you inform them. Please don’t hesitate at all. Kindly contact me at 9163698681. I am an Advocate, practicing at Bar Association ,Alipore Police Court, kolkata.

  65. Sir,
    We have already got married when i was just 20 yrs and she was 21 but now i am 25 and she is 26. Now we want to court registree then how much cost to pay regard this.

  66. Hell Vikram Sir,
    I am currently in USA and my “to be wife” is in Mumbai. We are set to marry in end of april 2017. However, I want the dependent-USA visa process for her to start as early as possible. I can come to mumbai in mid april and get married in the court and get the marriage certificate as soon as possible (next day if possible) so that we can go for visa interview before the actual marriage. This is because as you know USA visa can at times take some time.
    let me know the process in details and how much time will it take to get the certificate once I arrive in Mumbai so that we can immediately schedule the USA visa interview.
    Thanks for the help!!

  67. Hello sir,

    I have 2 questions.
    1.Can my parents give notice of marriage or i have to present while giving notice to court?
    2. What documents required to give notice to court?

    please advice.

    • You have to be present while giving notice to court.
      Following documents are required to give notice to court-
      (i) Voter card/Aadhar card/Ration card/School certificate( to verify age proof) of husband & wife
      (ii) 12 passport size photographs each of husband & wife
      If you wish for court marriage please do contact me at 9163698681.

  68. hallo sar..
    mei jyoty sharma
    meri sagayi hindu ritiriwaj ke hisab se 1 year pahle hui thi..
    lekin us ladke ne 3 manth pahle kisi dusri ladki se cort marrige kr li h..
    to us cort ki sadi ko cancle krwane ka koi upaaye batao
    plzzz bahut jruri h

  69. I live in Uk. I am comming to Indian (Chandigarh) for marriage.
    I want as soon as court marriage & want marriage certificate.
    Is there is any extra fees for urgent ?
    How long all this process ?

  70. Hi Vikram,
    Please help me out, as I need to take serious decisions based on this.
    I liked a guy from matrimony and we want to get married (preferably court marriage). I am in India and he & his family is in USA. They will be visiting India for 2 – 3 weeks in April. But as we have not met each other and each other’s family yet, we are not 100% sure and I can not apply for marriage right now. Once they are here in India if everything is in favour, we want to get married immediately.
    Is there any way this is possible? Please note that, as we are not 100% sure I can not apply for marriage right now and he will be in India for 2 – 3 weeks.

  71. Hello Mr. Vikram Shah,
    With your post one doubt is cleared already that one person can apply for the marriage and during solemnization of marriage both the parties need to be present including 3 witnesses but regards to you in all aspects kindly clear the fees required and is it possible to apply without lawyer. Please reply

  72. Hello guys, if u want to love marriage or Arya Samajh Marriage then Any one contact me for any query contct no 9991211786 Ahsan Chaudhary Advocate

  73. Hii Vikram sir… Can a person submit both of the form… Bcoz the family members of my friend’s fiance are not agree for the proposal…. She cannot come out of home… So can he submit both forms signed by both with witness?? Please sir help them

  74. Vikram Sir,

    I have Indian passport but am an NRI living abroad with foreign address in passport and no local Indian address proof.
    The bride is from Ahmedabad, Gujarat with Indian passport and Ahmedabad address.

    I would like to have special marriage act, and later apply for visa for her. How many days does it take to get the marriage certificate?

  75. Just tell me that if we register for court marriage then do the court send letters at our residences informing them abt the same
    Plz reply

  76. Hi I m Urvi frm Mumbai,Virar and my district is Palghar and my partner stays in Dombivali and his district is inThane. So were should we apply for marrige registration???
    Palghar or Thane
    Pls reply

  77. Hello Sir.How much of total expense Do we have to pay for whole procedure? And How many witnesses we have to bring ?

  78. Hello Sir,
    Ours is a 13 year old marriage, my husband is a Muslim and I am a Hindu.We wish to register ourselves under the Special Marriage Act.We are based in Mumbai.Can I apply with the Joint sub registrar based in Andheri or I have to apply with the Joint Deputy Registrar in Bandra since the marriage is older than 5 years.Also do I have to go the the same 6 steps as mentioned by you.
    Thanks in advance,
    Dr.Brishti Biswas Khan

  79. hi, my partner and i would like to get married asap, so how do we get it done if you could advice as we are not aware of the procedures. a court marriage is convenient for us. so please advice.

  80. i dont have my lc can i do it throw my birth Certificate can i use it for doing court marriage and can i do court marriage in 1 day

  81. Respected sir,
    Am mazin just 21yrs old .can I register my marrage this year? I love my girlfriend very much & she is 20 .can I get married soon as possible?

  82. HI , Can you let us know what is the cost occurred for Special marriage / foreign marriage and to get marriage certificate . And also procedure and cost for pio card.

    As we already have all documents with us now , and we are looking to get court marriage and PIO card so she will allow to do job here.

    We waiting for quick response .

  83. Sir me bhubneswar se hnu …
    me court marriage karna chahtahnu ….
    hamara marriage register office kanhaper hai mujhe pata nehi … or kitna expenses hoga wo bhi pata nehi … please Sir ,
    mujhe thoda help kijiye … plz

  84. HI,
    Can anyone please reply, i am Hindu living in chennai, i love a girl she is christian living in bangalore. both are in different state & different religion. what is the procedure for do register marriage.
    Please reply as soon as possible

  85. sir..plese do reply me.i waant to marry her eithr she is in another caste.but our parents are not allowing or ready to accept.we truely loved and conting the same love can i register her legally as my wife without problems causing from parents.mostly her parents

  86. Sir
    I want to know that if a couple legally get married, but they did not let to know their parents about this marriage that they got married and lives somewhere.
    Is any kind of notice or documents is sent by court to parents regarding marriage.

  87. Is it mandatory bride/groom need to stay together pre-post marriage. Wht needs to be done if the conditions doesn’t allow

  88. Hello Sir,

    We got registered days back in India and now it is on 30days notice period. I am staying in dubai and i have been told that after 30 days we need to be there at the same location for the signature again. Is it really required or can it be done after 60 days or so.. or is there any other way out..

  89. Sir,

    I complete my marriage 06-04-2017 & certificate also in my hand.

    My question is can i take her at my home now???

  90. Hi, is it necessary to enroll your marriage 30 days prior? Is it possible to get it done in less than that time?

  91. Hi vikram sir

    Its is necessary for court to send marriage certificate at house of both bride and groom or it is optional
    Actually we dont want our family to know about our court marriage

    Reply asap

  92. I have given notice for intended marriage.
    I want to how long the notice will be valid. I want to get married approximately after 4 months from the date of notice issues. Will it be valid till then?

  93. Hi Vikram, thanks for this detailed and informative post!
    Just wanted your advice on how this process is affected if the bride is indian but the groom is european…what are the additional documents/issues to take note of? any advice would be deeply appreciated.

  94. Hello, i am indian national and leaving in Gujrat. if i want to get marry my Eu gf and register marriege here what will be the procedures. and documents requirements. and does she need to be here before 30days?

  95. Hello!Mr.Shah I want to get marry to my love.As I think we both are eligible for it,but our parents aren’t accepting us as bride groom .tell me one thing that if we do a court marriage then lest they claim against us.

  96. Hello Sir. Sir can u clear this questions.

    (1) Before court marriage when we give notice to marriage registeror there is some notice sent by court to our families or not???
    (2) I heared about ,if we do intercast marriage ,government give some compensation ,is it true,???
    Its a urgent plz.