Can I Get My Marriage Certificate After 15 Years of Marriage?

Last Updated at: Jul 28, 2022
Can I Get My Marriage Certificate After 15 Years of Marriage?
The Telangana Waqf Board is considering issuing marriage certificates on a large-scale basis to address the concern of the Muslims in the state regarding NRC. Since a waqf board is a statutory body formed under the Central Waqf Act 1954, the certificates issued by it are valid and accepted for a passport in India and visa by all countries.


If a married lady wishes to change her name after marriage, she needs to submit a copy of her husband’s passport along with a copy of the marriage certificate. But, from 2017 onwards, it’s no longer mandatory for her to change names in passport after marriage.
  1. Can I register my marriage after 15 years?
  2. Will there be a problem if I register my marriage after a decade?

Most of you have questions like this. The answer is yes. No worries….even you don’t have to showcase your marriage invitation card to validate your marriage. Vakilsearch can help you with your Marriage Certificate easily and simply. Further, we collect your self-attested address & birth proof, Aadhaar Card, passport size photographs, marriage affidavits, etc. Let’s see in detail how you can register your marriage. 

  1. Eligibility for applying of Marriage Registration

  2. Documents required to apply for Registration

  3. Witnesses of Marriage Registration

  4. Fees of Marriage Registration

Eligibility for applying of Marriage Registration

For applying for marriage registration the only eligibility is the age. The bride and groom need to complete the legal age as decided by the government of India at the time of marriage.

  • Grooms must have the age of 21 at the time of marriage. 
  • The bride must have finished at age 18.

Documents required to apply for Registration

  • Fully filled application marked by both couples, ID / Ration Card / Passport proof of the address-voter driver, driving license 
  • Further, proof of the couple’s birth date 
  • Two photos of passport size 
  • Additionally, 1 picture of marriage 
  • Separate Husband and Wife affidavits in an endorsed group. 
  • Moreover, Aadhar card 
  • 6 copies of 2B-sized bridegroom and bride joint photographs. 
  • Further, Late affidavit when a request is submitted three months after the date of registration. 

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Witnesses of Marriage Registration

It is important to get the signature of a witness to register the marriage. Therefore, there are certain rules to become the witness of marriage and they are: 

  • The witness should have been 21 years old. 
  • Additionally, anyone who has witnessed the couple’s wedding will be a witness for the registration of marriage. 
  • Moreover, the witnesses are chosen from each bride and bridegroom to be the nearest blood connection. 
  • Preferably, they insist on one of the parents being the witness to the registration along with their identity and address verification.

Certain documents are required from witness:

  • Pan Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Further, Notarized Affidavit with self-attested address proof and passport size photograph

Fees of Marriage Registration

  • Within 90 days of marriage                         –  Rs. 100
  • After 90 days but within 1 year of marriage  – Rs. 200
  • After 1 year of marriage                              – Rs. 300

As of now, in many states there’s no late charge clause, some states have a late registration penalty of Rs 250 per year. In compliance with the judgment of the Supreme Court, the marriage and marriage certificate must be registered within 60 days. If still, it’s not registered, don’t get worried. We are there to help you out and make you register your marriage easily.