Benefits of legal case management app

Last Updated at: Oct 16, 2019
Benefits of legal case management app

There are few areas in our lives that are not touched by technology. For lawyers, it is no different. The advent of case management apps has made their work life simpler, faster, and more efficient. Today a look is taken into how these apps help and aid a lawyer perform their job better.

Leveraging to legal technology helps firms in managing cases, clients and other related matters. Previously, many legal organizations or lawyers were not very particular on adapting to the latest tech inventions, but now the scenario is now slowly changing.

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Case management software or CMS was one of the popular digital platforms. Although it has features for case database, calendaring and docketing, document assemble, time tracking, time and billing, the even more latest – case management apps – are becoming popular. 

Benefits of Case Management App

Management of deadlines

One of the most important tasks of lawyers is to handle all the deadlines that are part of the lawsuit. With an app like LIBRA, this task will become very easy. It will be helpful in managing all the deadlines and one will never miss the important date as regular notifications on cases are sent. Apps have the provision to enter all the required deadlines related to each case and directly add them to the calendar.

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Organization of files

With the help of a case management app, all the important information relating to the clients can be put at a single place. One can enter the information related to the description of the case, deadlines, notes on the case, contact information of parties and participants, task lists related to every case and much more. Generally, everyone will possess all of this information with them but not at a single place. But digital case management will allow one to store all the required information at one single place and access them easily and quickly.  

Insights into income

You can take the calendared event and with some clicks, record it as billable time. Without even writing the invoices on the paper, you can get amazing insights into the income every month. This kind of automation can save time which makes one utilize their time and make their staff work on other tasks.

Directory of clients’ contact

When one has all the contacts of the participating parties at a single place, it will become much easy to find the contact information whenever necessary for the communication purpose.  If someone has wasted a lot of time searching for the phone number or email address then a much-organized system will be their best rescue. With an app, it is easy to file all the necessary contacts and addresses and recover them whenever required.  

Enhanced customer experience

Instead of case management, the emphasis has been shifted to customer experience. As you get real-time notifications on client meetings, cases, upcoming events and tasks, you can ensure you are on the top of the day’s management. This helps well in enhancing customer experience. 

Legal research on the go

Nowadays, with the invention of computers, tablets, and mobile phones, legal research options are available online. This means that one can access all the required information from anywhere with an internet connection. However, mobile phones have some limitations when it comes to compatibility with websites or other online resources. Having an app installed gives you a rich set of legal information including judgements. Hence, taking headnotes and short notes are easy even at the time of commuting. 

To summarise, the benefits of a legal case management app are organization of deadlines, management of files, analysis of monthly income, and Rolodex of clients’ contact. Over and above these apps ensure improved customer experience and give the lawyer the ability to do legal research on the go.

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