Appointment Letter Format

Last Updated at: Oct 07, 2020
Appointment Letter Format


An Appointment Letter is an official letter in writing issued to the candidate joining the firm as an employee. The Appointment Letter Format is issued after the offer letter. Generally, the appointment letters are given on the first day of work or 1 week after the joining. The appointment letter covers the different aspects in detail ranging from designation, salary, joining date, and specific employment information. The candidate or the employee has to submit the signed copy of the appointment letter to the HR department depicting the acceptance of the appointment.

The appointment letter gives a formal perspective to the candidate about the daily working environment of the organization and what the organization expects from the candidate. The appointment letter will permit on the letterhead of the business. The copy of the appointment letter will retain by the employee as well as the employer.

The appointment letter format serves as a sort of employment evidence to an employee. Currently, there is no central law that requires mandatory issuance of appointment letters. However, in India, some states have laws that make it compulsory to specify the information of employment in the appointment letter. This is helpful to employees to claim their rights and the benefits.

Modes of Sending the Appointment Letter

  1. Through Emails/Online
  2. Through Registered Posts
  3. In-person

Difference between Offer Letter and Appointment Letter

The offer letter is an invitation to the candidate to work in a company. As soon as the offer accepts the letter of appointment will create a proof of on-boarding of the employee. Additionally, the appointment letter cannot be withdrawn until there is sufficient proof of the misconduct from the employee’s end. To draft the appointment letter you must understand the company’s policies religiously so that the message that conveys to the candidate is clear and without any ambiguity.

Some points to keep in mind before drafting the appointment letter

  1. Start your letter with a confirmation to the recipient of their appointment indicating the joining date. If any specifications to come early on the first day for training and formality purposes kindly mention that.
  2. Be very clear and concise in the first line which gives the recipient an impact and context of the letter
  3. Start the appointment letter by stating the date, candidate’s address, and the company name 
  4. If the company has a policy of probation period, let the candidate know about it. 
  5. Remember to mention the salary drawn by the employee clearly during the probation period and thereafter
  6. Keep in mind to attach the schedules stating tax and other deductions with the appointment letter
  7. Before finishing the appointment letter, remind the candidate about their key responsibilities and obligations towards the designation and the firm
  8. Highlight the chances of transfers and deputation in the appointment letter
  9. Conclude your letter formally with the company name stamp/seal as per the policy and format of the company

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How to draft an Appointment letter

The appointment letter will issue and sign by the Human Resource Department or the competent authority of the firm. To draft an appointment letter, the specific format should consider. The following template will give you an exact idea of drafting the appointment letter:



[Applicant Name]

[Permanent Address Line 1]

[Permanent Address Line 2]

[City, State]

[Zip Code]

Subject: Appointment Letter for the post of [Designation]

Dear [Applicant Name]

We are pleased to offer you, the position of [Designation] with [Company Name] on the following terms and conditions:

Commencement of Employment

Your employment will be effective, as of [Starting Date, Month, and Year]

Job Title

Your job title will be [Designation], and you will report to [Team Manager Name]


Your salary will be [CTC]. The breakup for the salary is given in the [Schedule Name ()]

Job Location

You have to join [City, State]. You may, however, require to work at any place of business which the company has, or may later acquire.

Hours of Work

The normal working days are [Company’s Operating Days] for [Work Hours]. You will require to work for hours that state as necessary for the proper discharge of your duties to the company. 

We congratulate on your appointment and assure you to get our full support for your professional growth and development


[Company Name]