10 Reasons to Launch Your Dream Business in 2021 – Part 1

Last Updated at: Jul 06, 2021
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We all have dreamed about being our own boss in some way or another. If starting a business is something that you really want to do, there is no better time to start than now! And I don’t mean that like ‘there is no other time better than NOW’, I’m talking about the year 2021.

You might wonder how 2021 is a good time to start, what with the pandemic and all. But there are 10 solid reasons why this is the best time to launch your dream business and we had to divide it into two blogs. Let’s look at the first 5 reasons now:

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1. More Problems = More Business Opportunities

Everyone will agree that 2020 was the most depressing year for the human population. Due to lockdown, our everyday activities came to a halt and we are still figuring out how to do many things while maintaining social distancing. 

The pandemic has created new problems that need to be solved. And new problems mean new business opportunities. Come up with ideas to solve these problems and you have a great business proposal on hand. 

For example, Swiggy cleverly used the pandemic to expand its service from delivering restaurant food to delivering groceries in the time of lockdown. 

Not only that, some trends have changed because of the pandemic as well. One such trend that you can benefit from is the support given to small businesses. During this pandemic, people on social media started noticing and promoting small businesses to ensure that they survive the economic downturn. This has made people prefer small business products/services over giants in the market.

2. Start as a Side Hustle 

We are moving into an era of hustle culture where having a second source of income is going to be a norm instead of an exception. This is a good thing because multiple sources of income mean you don’t have to rely on one job. Many of us learnt how risky that is the hard way during the pandemic. 

So, if you want to start a business, you can start it as a side hustle without quitting your main job. This way you don’t take a big risk and yet you work on your dream business. You can make it a full-time thing when the business picks up. If you are still working remotely, hurry up and use this opportunity and time to start your own business before the offices fully open for business.

If your office/job is one that is going permanently remote, even better! 

So many people have started their home bakery business, jewellery making business, etc. during the last few months, and it has started picking up very well. 

3. More Talents Available than Ever Before

This is one of the most important reasons why 2021 is a great time to start your dream business. Many businesses have failed because they couldn’t find the right people to work for the company. Especially startups and small businesses usually cannot afford to hire good talents due to the lack of funds.

Today, there are more talented people than ever who are out of jobs. This means you have qualified and talented people waiting to be hired. Use this to your advantage. Hire good people and create a work environment that promotes mutual growth. Then you are all set for success. 

4. Financial Independence

Until a few years ago, having a steady full-time job meant you were financially independent. But people have started to understand that financial independence is very important. Because companies can terminate their employees at their whim and no job is secure anymore.

So, the way to achieving financial independence is through setting up your own business. Getting a paycheck every month and working in a not-so-interesting full-time job is still good. But imagine doing something you love and making money through that! Your income will be in your hand and you will not be slogging for the growth of someone else’s company.

5. Location Independence has Become Common

Only travel bloggers and vloggers used to talk about being location independent and sing its praises until a few years ago. But the pandemic has made us realise that many jobs that we do can be done from our homes.

During the lockdown, everything had to move to the internet. So, there are more people (customers) and resources on the internet than ever before. People have gotten used to buying products and services online now. 

If you have fallen in love with the work from home life or a life that gives you the freedom to work from anywhere, 2021 is a great time to start your location independent business through the internet. 

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Not convinced yet? Well, these are just some of the reasons why you should launch your dream business in 2021. Click here to know about 5 more reasons.