10 Reasons to Launch Your Dream Business in 2021 – Part 2

Last Updated at: Mar 31, 2021
Dream Business

You can start your dream business anytime you want. However, the surroundings and market will not be favourable to you all the time. So, choosing the right time can make things much easier for you. Otherwise, you will have to put in more effort to make things happen.

It’s like I can start growing plants at my home at any time, however, some plants just grow well in a particular season. I can make it flourish in other seasons too. But it’s never going to be as easy as growing it in that season.

It is that season for businesses. The environment is just right and in your favour. I have already discussed five reasons explaining why it is so and you can read them here. Here are 5 more reasons:

Launch your Dream Business

launch your dream business

6. Reaching Customers Has Become Easier

Remember those good old days? Salespeople used to come now and then, knock on your door and try to convince you to buy things. Then, there were magazines with those samples which many people purchased just for the samples. There are TV ads, billboards, etc. These were the only effective ways for businesses to get people to see them and they were expensive!

If you are starting your business today, you don’t have to throw in a lot of money on creating awareness and advertising. Just open social media pages for free and create content around your business. While this takes time and effort, it costs you nothing. If you can spare some money for marketing, you can start putting up ads on social media. It is cheaper and you can reach a highly targeted audience. 

In 2021, more people than ever are using social media. While the number has been steadily growing for years now, the pandemic has fastened the pace of growth. So, the way to reach your customers is literally right in your hands (I mean smartphones).

7. Scalability

We all want our income to grow over time. Working full time is definitely one way to ensure steady financial growth. You get hikes every year, promotion once in a while, and so on. But this growth is not fully in our control, and exponential growth is close to impossible if you are climbing that corporate ladder. 

But if you have a business, you can grow and scale it exponentially. Let’s see an example of a YouTuber in India, Saloni Srivastava. She started as a YouTuber talking about home management, productivity, and finance. Over years, she started an online academy to teach skills for people who wanted to be their own boss. Now she makes good money through that and has recently launched another program too.

This kind of scaling up can be done only when you have your own business. 

8. You Can Start with Minimal Investment

Has not having enough money been a major reason why you never started your dream business? It’s 2021 and that reason is no longer valid. The internet era has changed how the business world works. You can start with close to zero investment today (unless you are fixated on opening a manufacturing business or setting up an office).

For example, you can start a home food business without spending too much money. You just need to get the groceries required. Anything you want to learn is there online. If money is your hurdle, look around the internet, there are hundreds of business ideas that take minimal investment.

9. Policies in Favour of Startups and Small Businesses

When I said the environment is ripe for business, this is what I meant. That the political and economical situation of the country is in favour of starting new businesses. This is great news!

Not every time does this kind of opportunity present itself. MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) is considered to be the backbone of a country’s economy now. As the pandemic hit this sector hard, the government has come up with schemes and policies to help them survive and to encourage new entrepreneurs. 

Here are some of those changes brought about through the 2021 budget:

  • The government gives many benefits to MSMEs through various schemes and subsidies. It has allocated ₹15,700 crores for this sector this year which is twice the previous budget!
  • The compliance tasks required by small businesses have been reduced so that you won’t be swamped by legal tasks while you are running your business.
  • Earlier, a one-person company had to be converted into a private limited company once it grew to an extent. To give more flexibility to solopreneurs, this mandatory change has been done away with. 

This clearly shows that the government is all ready to encourage new business. And with the economy recovering, the timing couldn’t be better. 

10. You Can and You Want To

If you are still reading this blog, it is clear as day that you want to start a business. Why else would you read 1000 words on why you have to do it instead of a million other things that you could be doing. 

If your worry is whether you can or not, that you can answer only by doing it. I think a coding job is hard and my coder friend thinks writing work is hard. This is because we assume that the things we don’t know are hard. But once you start doing it, it is not so hard. You can learn everything along the way.

So, do you still have an excuse to not start your dream business?

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