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SSI Registration: Small Scale Industries Registration License
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SSI Registration: Small Scale Industries Registration License

What is an SSI Registration License?

SSI stands for small scale industry. So, basically if you have a small scale industry or business, then you should have it registered and get an SSI license. You are eligible to obtain an SSI  license as long as the investment in plant and machinery is less than Rs. 1 crore..

An SSI registration can now be done online and Vakilsearch can help you with that.

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Why do you need an SSI Registration/License!

A Small Scale Industry Registration/License is a club membership. While it is not necessary to have one, but having one can be really helpful.

An SSI registration essentially is a certificate that allows you to draw on various benefits such as priority sector lending (easy loan availability), excise and direct tax exemptions (save on taxes), power tariff subsidies (cheaper electricity for your business), etc.

If you don't register, you miss out on all these benefits!

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Things you need for an SSI Registration:-

Given below are a list of documents that you'll need

  • Clearance from the State Pollution Control Board
  • Clearance from the local municipality
  • Sanction from the State Electricity Board
  • BIS Certificate
  • Sale bills of the machinery and the products
  • Evidence of ownership/tenancy of premises, etc.

Finally, you'll need to fill a form and after necessary due diligence, you will get your SSI certificate. You now have a registered small scale industry!

Get an SSI Registration Online now!

You can fill up the simple form on this page to learn more about getting an SSI Registration! Our team will send you an email instantly and follow that up with a 1-to-1 call, if required.

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