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Partnership Deed: Get your Partnership Agreement Now

Partnership Deed / LLP Agreement

partnership deed, partnership agreement

A partnership deed or a partnership agreement is critical for a partnership to work!

Performing any act that is governed by a specific legislation (Partnerships, for example, are governed by the Indian Partnership Act) can safely be assumed to be complicated tasks. This requires a well constructed contract.

Even LLPs require an LLP agreement to be drafted.

Getting what you want from your partnership agreement is of paramount importance and this is where vakilsearch can help.

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What is a Partnership Deed?

A partnership agreement/partnership deed is a legal document that lists out the right and obligations of the partners.

The partnership agreement determines the duties of the partners, how the business is to be conducted, division of profits, limits on authority of individual partners, liability of the firm, dissolution of firm etc.

Why do I need a Partnership Agreement or an LLP Agreement?

If there is no agreement, all your rights and duties can only be ascertained based on the actual relationship that you and your partners have.

However, in case of any dispute, this is much harder to prove.

It is much easier to simply put forth a well thought out and detailed Partnership Agreement.

Also, in the absence of a Partnership Agreement, certain provisions of the Indian Partnership Act, 1932 may apply that could be detrimental to your interests.

Thus, a Partnership Agreement saves you both time and money and while getting you what you want.

How do I get a Partnership Deed / LLP Agreement?

Partnerships Deeds have to be made on stamp paper of the requisite value (value depends on the place where you are making the deed). The deed must be signed by the partners as well as witnesses and finally registered with the Registrar of Firms.

There you go! You have now have a properly drafted Partnership Agreement that gives you both clarity and security, while saving you your precious time and money

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