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PAN Card Application: Get your PAN Card Registration Done Now for Rs. 199
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PAN Card Application: Get your PAN Card Registration Done Now for Rs. 199

PAN Card Application: The Permanent Account Number (PAN) is an important document provided by the Income Tax Department containing a 10 digit alpha-numeric number issued in the form of a laminated card.

A PAN Card registration is critical for many day-to-day things in India.

PAN Card: Uses

The PAN is a widely accepted ID proof in India. It is also critical in nearly all money transactions like opening a bank account, getting a taxable salary etc.

Even for a Sales Tax registration the PAN Card for Business and a PAN Card copy of the directors are essential documents. The same goes for Service Tax registration also.

Wikipedia is quick to point out the importance of the PAN Card: “The PAN is unique, national, and permanent. It is unaffected by a change of address, even between states”.

To know about the uses of a PAN Card see our article on 12 uses of PAN Card here.

[caption id="attachment_17168" align="aligncenter" width="300"]pan card, pan card application, pan card registration, pan card india This is how a PAN card looks like[/caption]

PAN Card Application: What documents do you need to submit?

Keep the following documents ready before applying for PAN Card Registration:

●     An address proof

●     A PAN Card Application Form (we will provide that to you)

How can help in PAN Card Registration?

Our team at is trained to handle the entire process, end-to-end. Just submit the above mentioned basic documents with us so that we can get started.

You can get a PAN Card through us for Rs. 199 while sitting at your home. The whole process is completely online!

Get a PAN Card NOW!

You can fill up the simple form on this page to learn more about getting a PAN Card! Our team will send you an email instantly and follow that up with a 1-to-1 call, if required.


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